Six Coronation Street spoilers for this week – Tim tells Sally about Geoff’s camera and Alya smashes up Speed Daal

TIM Metcalfe finally confides in Sally about the hidden camera he saw Geoff binning this week in Coronation Street – after months of keeping his dad's dirty secret.

Here’s the lowdown on what’s coming up this week in the ITV soap…

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1. Geoff terrorises Alya

Geoff rocks up at Speed Daal and starts terrorising Alya this week.

When Alya orders him to get out, Geoff points out that legally he has every right to be there and that she’d better get used to him being around. 

Geoff then irritates Alya further when he announces he’s applied for an alcohol license. 

Alya points out that he needs Yasmeen’s permission, but clearly to no avail as later she’s furious to find an alcohol delivery on the doorstep of Speed Daal.

2. Alya reaches breaking point

Later, Geoff decides to sabotage the restaurant by cancelling staff shifts.

Alya is left struggling to cope with the takeout orders on her own.

And disaster strikes when she flies into a rage, throwing everyone out of the restaurant and smashing it up.

3. Tim turns against Geoff

When Geoff and Tim arrive, Geoff is quick to play the victim.

But when Ryan tells Tim that Geoff has been undermining Alya for months, Tim starts to doubt his dad’s innocence. 

Later, Tim finally sides against his dad and tells Sally about the CCTV camera.

Will they start looking for the footage and secure Geoff's downfall?

4. Scott threatens Johnny

Scott and Johnny discuss the crime they committed over 40 years ago. 

Later, Jenny invites Scott to stay for dinner – much to the dismay of Johnny. 

Johnny squirms as Scott recounts tales of his and Johnny’s younger days to an amused Jenny during the dinner.

Will all about the pair’s history finally be revealed?

5. Daniel confesses to Adam

Daniel calls at the office and ask Adam to head to the police station to represent Nicky after the fight at the bistro. 

Adam heads to the station only to discover that Nicky has been released without charge. 

6. Adam bribes Nicky

Later, Daniel admits to Adam how he’s been paying Nicky to dress up as Sinead so he could pretends she was still with him, but that they’ve decided they’re better off as friends. 

But Adam isn’t convinced and hatches a plan. 

Later, the lawyer intercepts Nicky outside Dainel’s house, stuffing some cash in her face and asking her to stay away from Daniel.

Will she agree to keep away?

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