Skint Katie Price flogs her old sofa on Depop for £1,500 and dining set for £900

THRIFTY Katie Price is flogging her old sofa on Depop for £1,500 and dining set for £900.

The 42-year-old TV star is selling off any unwanted goods in a bid to boost her bank balance to look after her family.

Taking to the selling site she has advertised her silver corner sofa set.

You can snap up Katie's settee for £1.5K

Fans can also buy her stylish dinning room table and chairs.

The former glamour girl is known for selling off anything she doesn't need anymore.

In January she made £2,500 in just five days selling her clothes online.

The Sun exclusively revealed she off-loaded 100 items – from clothes, to accessories, to shoes in just two sales.

Katie's items went within minutes of being put up for purchase.

The most expensive sale was a Louis Vuitton scarf that went for £170, an LV purse for £150, a pair of Alexander McQueen trainers fetched £120, and a pink Prada purse was sold for £100.

At the time she told her 13,000 followers on Depop: “That's it for tonight! Thank you for your purchases. We will be back this Sunday 7th Feb at 7pm. Love Katie."

Katie was declared bankrupt in 2019 after failing to pay back spiralling debts

During the original hearing, a court heard the mum-of-five had suffered a "bad breakdown" and spent five weeks in celebrity rehab clinic the Priory.

Katie was once worth £45million due to her incredible career as a glamour model and TV star.

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