'SNL': Weekend Update Examines Donald Trump's Covid Recovery

Saturday Night Live’s Weekend Update tackled Donald Trump’s alleged victory over coronavirus and the president’s decision to return to the campaign trail — thus endangering his base — on this weekend’s episode.

“This week was Mental Health Awareness Week and, trust me, we’re aware. President and active bioweapon Donald Trump took his doctor hostage and broke out of the hospital like Sarah Connor in Terminator 2,” Colin Jost said. “I guess he must’ve been in a coma and thought the year was 2016 because he started demanding Hillary’s emails and for the Feds to arrest Obama.”

Michael Che said, “President Trump claims to have survived the coronavirus. Yay. I’m not gonna tell you I’m disappointed but it kind of feels like when there’s a car crash and the only survivor is the drunk driver.”

“I also have to say it’s amazing to watch a guy have a near-death experience and learn nothing from it,” Jost added. “It’s like watching someone smoke through the hole in their neck.”

Weekend Update then invited its medical expert Dr. Wayne Wenowdis (Kate McKinnon) to give a second opinion on Trump’s televised health exam; the absurdity of the segment and the current situation made both Jost and McKinnon break mid-sketch:

To close out Weekend Update, Pete Davidson stopped by to share his disappointment regarding author J.K. Rowling’s transphobic comments. “What’s wrong with her? She creates a seven-book fantasy series about all types of mythical creatures living in harmony with wizards and elves, and the one thing she can’t wrap her head around is Laverne Cox?,” Davidson said.

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