So This Is Why Dakota Johnson's Gap Tooth Disappeared

The actress says she’s just as upset about the development as her fans.

Dakota Johnson’s most recent red carpet photos made headlines for the strangest reason this week, after eagle-eyed fans noticed that her once-prominent gap tooth was no more.

Following her appearance at the premiere of "Peanut Butter Falcon," the actress sat down with Jimmy Fallon on Tuesday night to explain what happened to her smile.

"Everyone’s brokenhearted the gap in your teeth is not there anymore," noted the late-night host right at the top of the interview.

"First of all, the fact that this is a newsworthy event in our world right now is pretty Chaka Khan to me," said Johnson. Explaining she had a retainer since she was 13, Dakota said she removed it at the recommendation of her orthodontist, after she started experiencing neck problems.

"And my gap closed by itself" as a result, she added, "I’m really sad about it too."

Johnson and Fallon then took turns knocking on each other’s teeth into a microphone, to see how different real and fake ones felt and sounded. It was weird.

"I’m sad about my gap tooth too, so I’d really appreciate some privacy in this time of grieving," Johnson added, sarcastically. "I have to deal with a whole new world of problems getting food stuck in my tooth. Before it would just slide right through!"

She did promise that her gap is "gonna come back," joking (we think) about getting a new retainer to reverse what had been done. Added Johnson, "The world of dentistry is so advanced."

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