Spoilers: Jay seeks revenge in EastEnders tonight as Terry's funeral arrives

Jay Brown (Jamie Borthwick) has been a shell of his former self in EastEnders lately — and understandably so, after he discovered that Terry Bates, the man who murdered his dad Jase (Stephen Lord) had died, and was set to receive a celebratory funeral in his honour. However, the funeral arrives in tonight’s episode, and Jay sets about seeking revenge as a result.

Upon realising that the big funeral he was set to undertake was none other than that of Terry Bates, Jay was understandably upset.

However, his upset soon turned to anger, as he vented to the body of the man who murdered his father about how he planned on letting the 200 people in attendance know what type of a man he truly was.

The animosity has been apparent ever since — something which Lola (Danielle Harold) has tried to get him to open up about, but to no avail.

However, after a conversation with Billy (Perry Fenwick) enlightened her to Jay’s plan, Lola set about talking him out of whatever it is that he’s hoping to do on the day of the funeral.

With Billy having been unable to make Jay see sense, Lola went to Ben (Max Bowden) during last night’s episode, hoping that he would be able to talk him round. Much to Jay’s surprise, Ben didn’t talk him out of it, but rather offered to go with him as his back-up.

Tonight, the day of Terry’s funeral arrives, and Lola is hellbent on talking Jay out of seeking revenge. However, her attempts to do so prove utterly fruitless. Afterwards, Ben takes matters into his own hands.

The question is: will Jay enact his dangerous plan? If so, will there be consequences?

Can Lola persuade him otherwise?

EastEnders continues Tuesday 5thNovember at 7:30pm on BBC One.

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