Spoilers: Toby tortured by evil Dr Ley in disturbing scenes in Hollyoaks

Toby Faroe’s (Bobby Gordon) past comes back to haunt him in Hollyoaks, as villainous Dr Ley (Sabrina Cameron) continues her experiment.

Toby has been doing all he can to move on and start anew.

However, given that his anger has repeatedly got the better of him, he’s struggled to do so, and his past returns to haunt him in upcoming scenes.

Toby is held prisoner at The Loft by the villainous Dr Ley — the very same Dr Ley that kept him locked in a room for his entire childhood, and saw him as nothing more than an experiment.

Dr Ley intends on dredging up Toby’s past in an effort to make him snap — which would provide her with all the material she needs for a second book.

Cleo McQueen (Nadine Mulkerrin) could prove to be a problem for Dr Ley, however, as she overhears Celeste trying to contact Toby, and therefore comes to realise that the young woman has been lying to her about her brother’s whereabouts.

What’s more, Celeste lets slip about Toby being treated by Dr. Ley, and thus Cleo begins an investigation online — something which gives her cause for concern. She’s later left confused when she spots the very same Dr. Ley stood outside The Loft!

Determined to get to the bottom of what’s going on, Cleo acquires Celeste’s keys to The Loft and enters the premises.

Once inside, she finds a childlike Toby in the makeshift prison which Dr Ley has constructed.

Cleo begs Toby to leave, reminding him that there are people who care for him — including her.

Will Toby listen to her?

Meanwhile, Celeste is certain that Toby is in safe hands with Dr Ley, but is she simply kidding herself?

One to watch: Thursday February 4 at 7pm on E4.

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