Star Wars 9: Sinister Rey and Palpatine SITH connection explains WHY she was left on Jakku

It always starts with sand. Anakin, Luke and Rey are linked by more than their desolate origins, though. Recent canon works have confirmed that Palpatine created Anakin. Fans already know he had his eye on Luke and now his cackling return in the Rise of Skywalker trailer suddenly casts a light on Rey – and why she was left on Jakku. The ominous signs all point to Darth Sidious still pulling the strings.

The fact is we already know rather a lot about Palpatine’s links to Jakku from Chuck Wendig’s Aftermath trilogy. Chris Soule’s hugely revealing Darth Vader comic book series have filled in many details about the Emperor and the Skywalkers and an official EA game showed Palpatine was already sending his consciousness into remote hosts.

In the books, it is revealed that Palpatine had identified Jakku as an ancient site from the Sith empire thousands of years before. He had built an observatory, believing the remote planet was a gateway to explore the Unknown Regions, where he believd a dark power resided. He also stored Sith artefacts there.

Redditor Thetheoryawakens added: “If there is a Sith Shrine on Jakku like on Coruscant then there is great dark side power there according to canon. The Emperor sent his droids to excavate the Sith shrine on Coruscant, he also sent his droids to excavate a site on Jakku. Coincidence?”

The books also reveal Palpatine’s terrible Contingency, whereby his followers woudl detonate Jakku in the event of his defeat. Gallisu Rax was stopped by Sloane as she fled with the remnants of the Empire to start the First Order.

Many fans now believe Palpatine actually somehow survived, perhaps in a kyber crystal, Sith artefact or through rediscovering a Sith way to bring back the dead. It is also known he was exploring transferring parts of his consciousness into clones.

Whether this happened or he is a Dark Side force ghost (if that is possible) the real fear is that he has been influencing everything all along. Some believe Rey herself is a clone, created from Luke or Anakin, others suspect she might be another virging Force birth, craeted by Palpatine as he did with Anakin.

But it can not be a coincidence she was left on the very planet most closely tied to all of Palpatine’s future plans.

All of this bodes rather badly for Kylo Ren. Rather like his grandfather, he has already felt a hint he may be the second choice. Palpatine was already frustrated with Vader’s limitations and was hoping to replace him with Luke.

Snoke (and it may be presumed Palpatine) was aware of Kylo’s instabilities and was already looking to Rey.

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