Steph McGovern announces break for Stephs Packed Lunch as Channel 4 show goes off air

Steph’s Packed Lunch: Steph McGovern announces break

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Steph, 39, launched her own chat show last year at the very start of the coronavirus pandemic as she hosted Steph’s Packed Lunch from her home. By the end of summer 2020, the Channel 4 programme was being broadcast from a studio on the Docks in Leeds, with the presenter joined by a whole manner of celebrity guests. However, despite the show airing over the past 10 months without a substantial break, it will be taking hiatus over the academic holidays.

Ending her show on Friday, Steph said: “So that’s it from us today and for the next few weeks as well because we’re having a break for the summer.

“But, of course, we’re going to be back in September with all your Packed Lunch favourites,” she continued.

Turning to her co-stars, including football commentator Chris Kamara, 63, she asked: “You’re all coming back, aren’t you?”

Speaking directly to the viewers shortly after, the mother-of-one told them: “Now, you know, we have been here every lunchtime for the past 10 months.

“And although the world around us has been pretty tough, we’ve loved being here to keep you company.”

The presenter continued: “And your loyalty to the show has kept us going so thank you so much. We love reading your comments on our socials and the emails you send as well.

“So, thank you very much for watching. I’m going to be back as well doing the Paralympics breakfast show on Channel 4.”

Steph concluded the programme and her goodbye message by telling viewers the show would be back on air on Monday, September 6, 2021.

Taking to Twitter, loyal fans of the midday programme shared their disappointment that it won’t be airing over the next few weeks.

Thank you very much for watching

Steph McGovern

One viewer posted on the social media platform: “Oh nooooo what am I going to do without #stephspackedlunch on a lunchtime?” (sic)

Another wrote: “Thank you for the past 10 months of fabulous lunchtime programmes, helping us get through these difficult times. Have a great summer.”

Whilst a third commented: “Thanks we’ve loved it,” with a fourth adding: “Didn’t know it was the last one until September today.”

“Another good lineup today. Going to miss this show so much. Have a fantastic summer everyone! Look forward to watching again in the autumn. Thanks for giving us a great daytime show,” a fourth shared.

With the show now in motion in a studio, the former BBC Breakfast presenter has reflected on filming from home in the first few weeks it was on air.

The broadcaster, who had recently given birth to her daughter at the time, said it was one of “the most stressful broadcasting I’ve ever done in my life”.

Steph explained: “You’re relying solely on technology and there were so many times I didn’t even know if I was on telly anymore.

“And it was just me chatting in my room. Technically, I feel I’ve been through the worst that could ever happen.”

“When we did the lockdown show, it was obviously very different to what I wanted to do on telly, but it was a great opportunity to try different content,” Steph explained.

“Since we’ve had the break and sat down and reassessed things, this show feels really different, which is why we changed the title.”

But there were some positives as the presenter told Great British Life: “If we’d done what we’d originally planned, which is launch the show from a studio in April, I wouldn’t have seen my baby as much as I have done.

“Because I would’ve been going out to work every day, so that has been a real treat,” the journalist added.

Steph’s Packed Lunch returns Monday, September 6, 2021, at 12:30pm on Channel 4.

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