Strictly's Nicola Adams reveals she helped save mum's life with 999 call after meningitis caused brain to shut down

STRICTLY'S Nicola Adams revealed she helped save her mum's life when meningitis caused her brain to shut down.

The retired boxing champ was 14 when she made the decision to call an ambulance for her unwell mum after she was unable to get out of bed.

Nicola, 38, recalled on Desert Island Discs the day she and brother Kurtis returned home from school to find their mum seriously ill.

She explained: "At the hospital they were asking her questions and her brain had already started to close down from the meningitis.

"She couldn't remember her date of birth or how old she was, she said she had two daughters. I was like, wow, she's really sick.

"We didn't realise that she was dying and that's why her brain was starting [to shut down] and that's why she couldn't remember anything. Luckily we got her to the hospital in time and they were able to save her life."

The Strictly star and her sibling were left to fend for themselves while their mum remained in hospital for two months.

"It was really tough," said Nicola. "My mum was in hospital for a couple of months which left me and my brother at home.

"I had to pretty much do everything, I had to grow up quite quickly. I felt I had to be the strong person.

"I was still taking care of my mum, even though she didn't like it very much. She wanted to be back on her feet as quickly as possible.

"I had to get my brother up, get him ready for school, make sure I got to school on time, pick him up and have dinner then take him to see my mum at the hospital."

The Sun recently revealed Nicola is aiming to waltz off with the Strictly crown and dedicate it to Dee – who she has previously described as her hero.

A source close to the former Olympic Champion told us: “She is aiming to win this show not just for herself but for her mother as well.

"They share an unbreakable bond and Nicola hopes her mum will be in the audience before the end of the series to see her take part in the show.”

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