‘Surely not!’ Vera fans left ‘gutted’ after discovering the drama won’t return next week

Vera discusses murder case with DC Mark Edwards

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Vera fans were treated to another episode of the crime drama series on Sunday night. DCI Vera Stanhope (played by Brenda Blethyn) was back on ITV attempting to solve yet another mysterious case. However, viewers are gutted that the show won’t be returning next week. Only two episodes of season 11 have aired so far, but it’s unknown when the remaining four will be screened.

Vera has aired in January every year for the past few seasons, but 2021 saw a change in the scheduling.

Unfortunately, filming of the 11th season had to be delayed due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

As a result, the first two episodes of the new season have only just aired, around seven months later than expected.

Sunday night’s episode was a two-hour long instalment, which saw Vera called to the scene of murdered support worker Angela Konan.

Angela was found hidden amongst the bleak woodlands of Northumberland National Park.

Viewers were gripped by the episode, as the detective cunningly unravelled the events leading up to the support worker’s death.

However, as the episode came to an end, it dawned on viewers they wouldn’t be seeing the ITV detective series again for a while.

Many fans took to Twitter to air their frustrations about the programme once again leaving the TV schedule.

One viewer wrote: “Seriously only 2 episodes in S11!!! Why oh why when I love this series!! #Vera @ITV.”

“I’ve just noticed that #Vera isn’t on NEXT Sunday – gutted…are there only 2 new episodes this series? #Endeavour is on next week…i much prefer Vera. @VeraSeries @BrendaBlethyn @Riley_Jones_88 @kennydoughty,” a second commented.

Another added: “Yes two episodes of #McDonaldandDodds then two episodes of #Grace and now two episodes of #Vera. When did @ITV consider two episodes a series.”

“@ITV thinks a series is two episodes now #Vera,” a third remarked.

A fourth tweeted: “Hold on… It’s the 2nd episode of #Vera tonight and then Endeavour’s on next Sunday. Only two episodes of Vera?!? Surely not!!”

Fans of Vera are desperate to know when the drama will be returning for the rest of season 11.

The series will be made up of six self-contained stories in total, but the next four episodes aren’t expected to air this year.

ITV has confirmed that only two episodes went into production during the autumn/winter season of 2020.

As a result, the remaining four feature-length episodes will not air until 2022, as they are currently still in production.

Despite being disappointed they’ll have to wait a while for the next episode of Vera, ITV viewers highly praised what they’d seen of season 11 so far.

One fan remarked: “Best thing I’ve seen on TV in a while. Good show! #Vera.”

Another agreed: “Not to be missed! One of the best series on TV #Vera @ITV.”

“Watching #Vera on a Sunday night generally feels like a warm hug. Such good, compelling Sunday night tv @ITV @BrendaBlethyn,” another added.

The first two episodes of Vera season 11 are available on ITV’s catch-up service ITV Hub.

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