'Survivor' Season 41: Past Cast Member 'Upset' by Game Shortened to 26 Days

Fans can’t wait to see what’s in store for Survivor Season 41. So far, host Jeff Probst has given a number of clues regarding what’s to come — and it sounds like this season goes back to bare-bones basics. The Survivor Season 41 cast members should get ready for anything to come their way. But they do have one advantage on their side — and that’s that the game no longer takes place for 39 days. It seems one past cast member initially had an issue with this, too.

The ‘Survivor’ Season 41 cast can prepare for a tougher game and shorter gameplay

Big changes are coming — and the 18 Survivor Season 41 cast members should get ready. “Survivor 41 will birth a new era of Survivor with a faster, more dangerous, and much more intense game,” Probst told Parade. “We really leaned into having fun with this season and the best kind of Survivor fun is the dangerous kind.”

So, how will the new season differ from the past? While most Survivors seasons of years past had themes, the new one will not. Additionally, it seems there won’t be as many twists and turns throughout the season. Probst notes he plans on taking the game back to basics.

“The tribes are not given any daily food staple, and Reward Challenges are scarce,” Probst added regarding Survivor Season 41. “ … And votes are often at risk, which means you can’t ever rely on how many votes your alliance will have at any Tribal Council. And advantages now often come with massive risks. In order to earn an advantage, you have to successfully navigate something risky. This is a new version of Survivor. There is no way to compare past seasons.”

A past cast member initially felt ‘upset’ by the shortened game length

Probst verified to Parade Survivor Season 41 cast members will play the game for 26 days instead of the typical 39. It’s unclear if viewers will notice a shorter season in terms of the number of episodes in the season. But those playing the game might be more able to stick out the entire game and go full-force now that their time in Fiji is greatly reduced.

It seems past contestant Jessica “Sugar” Kiper didn’t approve of the shortened season concept initially. According to Inside Survivor, Kiper felt “upset” at first about the shorter length.

“At first, I was upset by the idea of them not doing the full 39 days because the people that make it to the end have not had the full exposure to the insanity that everyone else had to go through,” she said. “Apparently, they don’t give them any rest days … so I guess we’ll see on that one.”

Kiper then noted her own experience on Survivor had production pushing her “over the edge,” and she’s happy for her steps away from the reality TV spotlight.

When does ‘Survivor’ Season 41 start?

So, when can fans finally catch the Survivor Season 41 air date? The season begins Sept. 22, 2021, at 8 p.m. ET only on CBS.

In the meantime, fans can get to know the Survivor Season 41 cast, as CBS released the cast members who went to Fiji and competed for the $1 million prize. Like every season, the cast contains players younger, older, and from all walks of life. In total, there are 18 castaways competing on three tribes initially.

With so much monster imagery from Probst, we can’t wait to see what this means for the new season. We’ll find out Sept. 22.

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