SWAT season 5: How will SWAT season 5 start?

SWAT: CBS releases teaser trailer for third season

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SWAT hasn’t been televised since season four came to a dramatic conclusion earlier this year, with a bombing at a police station in Los Angeles sparking panic within the team. On Friday, October 1, 2021, fans will be able to tune in and watch the CBS drama pick up where it left off, with characters such as Hondo (played by Shemar Moore) trying to make sense of what happened. Here is everything you need to know about how the latest season of the TV drama is going to start.

What will happen in SWAT season five episode one?

Entitled Vagabundo, the start of season five sees Hondo take a trip to Mexico to try and work out what he wants from his future.

The conclusion of season four saw the main character speak out about the racism happening within the police force.

He thought this would lead to his dismissal but rather the head honchos decided to demote him and put someone else in charge.

This person will be Dominique Luca (Kenny Johnson), who is a third-generation SWAT officer with more than enough experience to take on the role.

However, this is not the life Hondo wanted for himself and as his employees aren’t going to fire him, the beloved character has to think hard about what he does want.

Despite thinking Mexico could be an oasis from his life back in the states, Hondo can’t help but get drawn into the drama.

Hondo takes a shine to a local Mexican family but he soon discovers they are in the midst of a fight for justice.

Executive producer Shawn Ryan had a specific meaning in mind for this episode, with the theme of a classic film being explored.

With Hondo venturing to Mexico, the showrunner said he wanted to incorporate the ‘Man With No Name’ cowboy classics.

Turns into a spectacular survival story

Shawn Ryan

Back in Los Angeles, the team still be trying to get their heads around why the police station was bombed.

As the characters put their heads together, James Street (Alex Russell) and Chris Alonso’s (Lina Esco) relationship will develop.

Whether romance will continue to blossom is yet to be seen as the love life of characters never work out in television dramas.

However, Chris will be wrapped up in another storyline as she and Deacon Kay (Jay Harrington), end up on private security detail.

The trip takes them from Los Angeles to Las Vegas but in the midst of their travels, they are ambushed by unknown characters.

Unfortunately, it seems their fates will hang in the balance as Shawn has given viewers a teaser for this plot.

Speaking with TV Line, the executive producer explained “it turns into a spectacular survival story,” with lives in peril.

It’s been reported this is going to be a two-parter premiere, with episode two linked to the events in episode one.

Taking to Twitter, fans have shared their excitement over the show’s return, with Aisha writing: “@CBS thank you so so much for giving #swat season five a full 22 episodes but don’t forget to renew it for season six too! Love you besties, thanks in advance.”

Emily added: “I binged watched all four seasons of @swatcbs and it only took me 2 weeks to do so. I can’t wait for season five October 1st.”

Kat posted: “Can’t wait to see you ‘savings lives and kicking a**’ in season five with the whole #SWAT crew @LinaEsco.”

“Chris looks like she’s glowing in that season five trailer… hoping season five means more happy and playful Chris and less sad Chris,” Monica shared.

SWAT season five premieres on October 1 on CBS in the USA. A UK release date is yet to be confirmed.

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