Tattooed model Sarah is looking to find her own Emma Watson on ITV2’s The Cabins

Tattooed fitness model Sarah, 26, from Blackpool is looking for love on ITV2's new dating show, The Cabins.

Ahead of her turn on the programme, Sarah revealed her celebrity crushes are Megan Fox and Emma Watson.

Explaining why she thinks Emma is such a catch, Sarah explained: "I kind of like nerdy, book worm type – the opposite to me."

She continued: "I quite like someone who is quite intelligent and has something about them in that way.

"I do a million and one things all the time, so probably someone who is capable of putting up with me. But at the same time someone who is quite active themselves.

"I’ve dated men, but not a lot. Primarily I’m women, but if I fall for a guy, I’ll give them a chance. I do classify myself as lesbian."

Sarah, who is inked from head-to-toe, also gave an insight into her various tattoos ahead of the show launch.

She said: "I’ve got a really bad one on my foot because I lost a bet. That was with an ex-girlfriend.

"I lost a game of pool and then the next day had to go in for a foot tattoo!

"It was the first thing that popped into my head – it says ‘ready, set, go’. I tried to get that covered and the cover up hurt too much. So I’ve got a sword that you can see ‘ready, set go’ underneath. It’s just a mess.

"I’ve also had seven names covered up on my arse. I was only like 18…again I did that as a bet. I’ve had that covered now.

"And I have ‘me’ tattooed on my wedding ring finger, as I believe you should love yourself first."

The Cabins starts Monday January 4th at 9pm on ITV2

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