'Teen Mom 2': Will Jenelle Evans Finally Get Her Life Together After Losing Custody of Her Kids?

We all know people can change, but there’s always been a larger question mark with Jenelle Evans after years of partying and sometimes endangering her own children with her spouses. As the star of Teen Mom 2 for eight years, she basically had a tether tied around her current husband, David Eason. When he killed the family dog, MTV dropped them. Then the couple lost custody of their kids.

Because this was akin to finding an escape hatch from a reality show, let’s take a minute to see if this is the best thing that ever happened to Evans. What can she learn from the world of real reality to finally straighten out her life?

Where should Jenelle Evans start on life repair?

Considering we’re living in a reality show culture, removing yourself from starring in a reality show is probably the closest someone can come to escape from a black hole. Being fired from one is probably the only real way to escape being consumed whole into the event horizon.

Many suggest Eason was the real blame for MTV letting them go when Jenelle had recently become a little better in acting sane. When you have a controversial husband, though, it can often mean going down together, merely for supporting one another.

Jenelle has obviously come out to support David, despite video evidence of him abusing one of her kids in the past and other egregious activities.

For those less tolerant, having them down and out for losing their kids might be finding sanity too late. Jenelle still has an open road available to get back to some kind of normalcy. It should arguably start with parting from David.

Will Jenelle Evans divorce David Eason, or can he change?

The general consensus is that Jenelle and David might get their kids back, only if they agree to change their ways. Part of this is David himself in toning down his troubling behavior. Another part involves him finally getting a job and acting like what a normal dad is supposed to do to support his children.

Others say he’s a hopeless narcissist who probably won’t change without extensive family counseling. Marriage therapy has become a popular new process for many celebrity couples, something the two are already starting. Having their kids directly involved as well would place everyone on the same page.

Should Jenelle not gain their kids back (and it’s always a possibility), it could teach both some harsh lessons about being complacent when on a reality show. Their predicament could also be a warning tale for other reality show stars who take things to the edge and think they’ll always be household names.

Maybe Jenelle Evans would be better off on her own

In the event David shows no signs he can change, Jenelle would be better off rebooting her life by spending time alone for a while. Finding a spouse who doesn’t come with David’s baggage could take some time, yet it’s more than possible she can if she continues to clean up her own life.

David has clearly been the biggest thorn in the side for Jenelle’s immediate family members, hence why they’ve taken custody of the kids until a judge decides what comes next.

To completely unplug from the reality show universe, Jenelle refusing to do any interviews and shunning all media offers needs to come first. Removing social media would also be a good bet, something Eason easily abused a while ago.

These things alone would probably help her gain her kids back, giving her a chance to give her children a mom truly devoted to raising them right for a change. Let’s hope MTV had this in mind all along when they saw her life hitting crisis point.

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