Teen Mom Kailyn Lowry's son Isaac, 11, calls her 'best mom ever' after she admits struggle to look after four sons

KAILYN Lowry shared a sweet text message from her son Isaac, 11, in which he called her the "best mom ever".

The Teen Mom 2 star – who has admitted to struggling as a single mom to four sons – proudly posted the exchange on her Instagram Stories.

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The text conversation began with Kailyn's eldest child listing off some of the highlights in his life so far.

"From when we were in Jamiaica, Hawaii, from some of our family photos, when I went to eat Thai food for the first time and more," Isaac wrote.

"You've done some pretty cool stuff in your 11 years," Kailyn, 28, replied.

"I know but I wouldn't have done any of it if it wasn't for you because you're the best mom ever," the preteen said.

Kailyn has been open about her struggles to raise her four kids – Isaac, Lincoln, seven, Lux, three, and Creed, six months.

She recently opened on the "luxuries" she misses since becoming a mother.

"There's just so many things! Peeing. Eating something without someone asking for some. Sleep." the MTV star said.

The reality star has also been subject to mom-shaming, recalling a time Lux's teacher told her the youngster wasn't being fed enough for lunch.

Kailyn explained that Lux is very picky with his food and won't eat meat or bread some days.

"So I pack his lunch without the lunchmeat and the next day I go in, and maybe she didn't mean it this way," she said on her Baby Mamas No Drama podcast.

"But she [the teacher] pulls me aside, and she's like, 'Hey, Lux was still hungry, and I just feel like you should try your best to like pack some more food for him.'"

Kailyn went on: "And I'm just like… literally are you trying to say that I don't feed my kid, and I'm not providing enough food for him?"

Earlier this week, Kailyn relayed how she had to rush Lincoln to hospital after he hit his head and blood started "gushing" out of his nose.

"He smacked his face off of the back of the couch… Lincoln already gets nose bleeds on a regular basis. But instantly, he was like mom, there's blood just gushing," she recalled on her podcast.

Doctors struggled to work out whether the seven-year-old had broken his nose as there was so much cartilage and eventually the bleeding stopped and Lincoln was discharged.

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