'Teen Mom: Young Mom and Pregnant': Is Ashley Jones Dating Rapper 600 Breezy?

Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant stars Ashley Jones and Bariki “Bar” Smith have officially broken up after four years together. During the show, viewers have watched them get into several fights and even separate. However, they always seem to find their way back to each other. After a series of tweets and Jones potentially dating someone else, the relationship looks like it’s over for good.

Ashley Jones and Bariki “Bar” Smith Break Up

Jones and Smith broke up in the middle of May 2019 and then proceeded to bash each other on social media publicly. In her now-deleted tweets, she accused Smith of not paying rent, breaking her car windows, and playing Fortnite all day on a system she bought him.

She also claimed he is unable to keep a job; therefore, she had to help Smith out financially several times. Jones continued, saying Smith got eyebrow tattoos instead of watching their child while Jones dealt with the death of her grandmother.

Bar tweeted that he will have a place in an independent study program and a job soon as well as his own place to live in a couple of weeks. He also said he hopes Jones “finds peace” after her Twitter rant.

Is Ashley Jones Currently Dating 600 Breezy?

Even though the tweets occurred in May 2019, Jones claimed they broke up in December 2018. On May 21, Jones posted a now-deleted picture on Instagram with Chicago-based rapper, 600 Breezy. She closed her caption by saying she missed Breezy, real name Antonio King. King commented back, saying he missed her too.

Fans called Jones out, asking if she was with Smith recently. Jones responded, claiming her and Smith broke up in December, and “officially decided it on Feb. 22.” Her followers also commented telling her to be careful and not get pregnant by her new boyfriend too soon. Jones revealed she has the IUD implant, even though she may switch to a different birth control method.

King and Jones have flirted in the Instagram comment section several times and recently hung out together in Los Angeles. They did not post any pictures together on their feed; however, Jones showed videos of her beating King at basketball in an arcade on her Instagram Story. King also went live on Instagram, where Jones is heard in the background.

Who is 600 Breezy?

Antonio King is a rapper from Chicago who Drake featured on his More Life playlist for “Lose You.” However, people recognize him more for his legal issues that made national headlines. In 2012, King, along with eight others, was arrested in Iowa after several drug raids. The court found him guilty, and King received a ten-year sentence, but he ended up getting five years on probation and a suspended sentence. King had no run-ins with the law for four years.

Three months before his probation would end, the Iowa Department of Corrections violated King because he posted his touring plans with Drake on social media. The Department took him into custody, claiming King traveled without permission, posted pictures of himself online with weapons, and failed two drug tests as they tested positive for marijuana.

Even though the judge dismissed the social media evidence, he decided to sentence King to the full ten years in prison based on the failed drug tests. His lawyer claimed King uses marijuana to cope with the PTSD of getting shot twice, and his legal team eventually got him out. He was released in December 2018, after serving 16 months.

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