The Bachelor's villain Victoria Larson collapses & sobs after she's accused of 'bullying' Brittany with 'escort' rumors

THE Bachelor's villain Victoria Larson collapsed and sobbed after she was accused of "bullying" Brittany Galvin with "escort" rumors.

Sources close to the contestant have revealed that her mean girl behavior is an act and that her parents are ashamed of her actions.

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In a clip for tonight's upcoming episode of The Bachelor, Matt James is forced to take action after Brittany told him that she was being bullied.

Teary-eyed, she tells him: "I didn't sign up to be bullied."

Victoria, who is then sitting with the other girls, says: "I'm always playful, it was never malicious."

Matt, who seems disappointed, tells the group: "There's a culture of bullying and now I gotta deal with this."

Brittany is seen telling producers: "They messed up and they know it."

The video quickly cuts to Anna Redman wiping her tears and Victoria running out of the room to tell producers: "If he's going to believe some idiot over me, I will literally die."

She then collapses outside of the room, while sobbing and saying: "I need to sit down."

The trailer further hints that one of the girls leaves as a consequence of her actions, though it's not clear who it is.

Just last week, Anna and Victoria ganged up on Brittany and claimed that she was an escort, which had fans reeling.

During the episode, Anna was chatting with “Queen” Victoria on a sofa when she made the allegation that Brittany has previously been a sex worker. 

“There’s a rumor that [Brittany] is entertaining men for money. It’s insane,” Anna told a shocked Victoria. 

In a confessional, the blonde contestant says: “There is a rumor, because she knows all of the wealthy men in Chicago, that she’s an escort.

"There may some kind of transactional dating history there with her.”

Minutes later, Anna confronted Brittany with the rumor in front of Matt's other women. 

As the group gathered around a seating area, Anna told Brittany: “There’s a rumor you’re an escort. And I want to address that with you before it gets spread too much.”

Brittany appeared caught off guard and flat out denied the allegation: “No I’m not an escort.”

She continued: “It’s ridiculous for that to even come out of my mouth. I’ve had a boyfriend my whole life, since I was 16. 

“For you to make that conclusion about me before even knowing me, that’s f**ked up.” 

Brittany began to tear up, and added: “I feel like everyone is against me already for some reason and it’s really hard.” 

Seeming pleased, Victoria then laughed and quipped towards her: “Okay, get out of the house then!”

Despite Brittany denying the rumors that she's an escort, The Sun spoke to several sources who claimed that she was able to get a free trip to Dubai from a wealthy man.

The insider – who wished to remain anonymous – said to The Sun: “I didn’t consider her an escort before and we had always been friends but in hindsight, I was very much taken advantage of.

“She knew I had a crush on her and used it to get to go on a very nice vacation.”

Brittany showed off solo pictures on her Instagram from her foreign getaway which spanned from Dubai to Cape Town, South Africa in December 2020. 

Brittany's ex also spoke to The Sun and claimed that she does take advantage of men financially and emotionally.

He claimed after the two had dated on and off for months: "Brittany is a person who, in from my experience, seems to be dealing with a lot of darkness, confusion and desire both within and outside of herself. 

“As an attractive girl and an opportunist, this has at times manifested in her taking advantage of people emotionally and or financially. 

“I know a few guys who have felt confused and short-changed (emotionally and/or financially) in their dealings with her, including myself (fortunately only emotionally, though she does still have my favorite t-shirt) and might describe her through the use of certain expletives.”

In regards to the specific escort rumors, Adam said the bottom line is that Brittany is “most likely not an escort,” but pointed out there would be “nothing wrong with it” if she was.

Following the backlash, Victoria – whose mugshot was uncovered by The Sun – apologized for her bullying.

She said on social media: "I think in my effort to make my opinions heard it may have been perceived as bullying by some, and I feel bad if my words or actions offended anyone.

"I take time each day to reflect and learn the lessons."

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