The Chase fans accuse Bradley Walsh of flirting as he gushes over contestant

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Contestant Phoebe, a 20-year-old university student currently studying History, appeared on The Chase on Thursday evening to take on Paul Sinha in a bid to take £1,000 into the final round.

However, before she had even got the chance to take on Paul, Bradley Walsh was showering her with compliments.

When he welcomed the first contestant onto the show, he turned to Phoebe and complimented her "mermaid" hair as he referred to her lengthy blonde locks paired with her pink jumper.

It initially raised eyebrows, but further thoughts surrounded the host as Brad later referred to her as a "Queen".

Brad confessed the reason for this was because the players were all on a role in terms of getting music references onto the table, from Abba, Take That and finally, Queen, all referenced.

However, as Brad called Phoebe a Queen, eyebrows were raised by Paul, who said: "I'm a bit worried about you Bradley! First you called her a mermaid, then a queen, Have you been binge watching Hans Christian Andersen?"

Brad reminded him that he was making a music reference, before adding: "Look at Phoebe's hair!"

He later asked her age, which she revealed as 20, which saw Brad respond: "Wow, young player. I wish you luck."

Taking to Twitter, fans raised their eyebrows over the interaction.

One user said: "Is Brad trying to flirt with Phoebe?", while another added: "Does Brad fancy Phoebe?"

A third person wrote: "Brad is giving excessive praise to Phoebe."

Meanwhile, a third viewer chirped: "Is this Phoebe dating Bradley's son, or is she his next door neighbour's daughter?…"

Phoebe managed to build up £3,000 in the cash builder, but after a challenging round she opted for the offer of £1,000.

She got through and would've had one chance to land the £3,000 had she gone for the offer, but she decided to go for the safe option following the support from her team.

Lee, Phoebe and Gillian are now heading through to the final chase, after Jonathan was caught out when he was two from home.

Sadly, despite having three people, the team missed out on a total of £4,000 each with mere seconds to go.

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