The Conners fans work out Roseanne stars identity for comeback

John Goodman stars in ABC sitcom The Conners

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Now deep into its fifth season on ABC, The Conners continues to keep Roseanne fans entertained over three decades on from the flagship sitcom’s premiere. With Roseanne stalwarts John Goodman and Sara Gilbert still leading the way as Dan and Darlene Conner, respectively, there is now confirmed word they’ll be joined by another Roseanne legend in the not-so-distant future.

Prior to the season five premiere, executive producers Bruce Helford and Dave Caplan confirmed the comeback of a familiar face.

“I can’t reveal it, but there is someone coming from years past,” Helford said to TVLine. “I think people are going to be very surprised and go, ‘Oh s**t!’” 

Caplan also told the publication the returning star would be one “true fans are really going to appreciate” but remained tight-lipped on their identity.

With season five rapidly heading towards its winter hiatus, fans are still in the dark as to who this legend will be, but a number are certain they’ve figured out the mysterious returnee’s identity.

After all, Helford confirmed the comeback was “still happening” before telling TVLine in a new interview: “I don’t want to tell you much… 

“It could very well be after the first of the new year.”

And reacting to the ambiguity surrounding the Roseanne star’s return, fans took to the web to reveal they think they’ve worked out exactly who it is.

Twitter user @JessCamNJ shared their thoughts to Helford’s latest revelation, tweeting: “Imagine if it’s Clooney. It’s going to be Ziggy but imagine George Clooney shows up.”

And on Reddit, Ziggy’s (Jay O Sanders) name was one which was prevalent among fans’ predictions.

Redditor @RickGrimesSnotBubble reacted to the latest quotes by saying: “I’m still convinced it is Ziggy tbh.”

“Team Ziggy here!” @Noisechild concurred while @NebraskaTrashClaw echoed: “PLEASE. That would be just the best.”

Sanders played the role of Ziggy in Roseanne between 1990 and 1991 but hasn’t been seen in the series universe since.

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Instead, Sanders has gone on to star in a number of major television shows and blockbuster flicks.

His CV boasts roles on the big screen in The Day After Tomorrow, Kiss the Girls and Edge of Darkness opposite Mel Gibson.

On the small screen, he’s appeared in Amazon’s Sneak Pete, USA Network’s The Sinner and CBS crime drama Person of Interest.

According to IMDb, Sanders’ upcoming roles include a stint in the film Songs of Revenge which is already in post-production, so perhaps there would be room for him to appear in The Conners.

However, it is worth noting there has been no official word from Sanders of The Conners bosses as to whether Ziggy is indeed the character poised for a comeback.

Ziggy may be the name fans think is most likely to return, but he isn’t the only Roseanne character among the fandom’s tips.

Other names speculated include Arnie Thomas (Tom Arnold) and even George Clooney’s character, Booker Brooks.

Fans will have to continue to tune in to find out who exactly will return to the fray and reunite with the Conner family.

The Conners season 5 returns to ABC in the USA on November 30.

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