The Walking Dead: What happened to Enid? Why did Katelyn Nacon leave?

Season nine, episode 15 of The Walking Dead, titled The Calm Before, will live long in the memory of the TWD cast and fans alike. In horrifying scenes, Alpha (played by Samantha Morton) claimed 10 victims from the communities and among them was the much-loved Enid (Katelyn Nacon). While her exit from the AMC series may have seemed untimely to some fans, it was also “hard to hear” for Nacon herself.

What happened to Enid on The Walking Dead?

Enid’s time on The Walking Dead ended with her reanimated, decapitated head placed upon a pike.

Her death came as retaliation from Alpha and the Whisperers following her daughter Lydia’s (Cassady McClincy) decision to abandon the flesh-wearing group.

Alpha infiltrated the Kingdom during the fair which aimed at bringing the communities together and kidnapped Enid and a number of other members.

Siddiq (Avi Nash) revealed Enid and the group fought back against the Whisperers but it was to no avail and Alpha used their heads as markers along the border between the two groups.


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Why did Katelyn Nacon leave The Walking Dead?

Nacon had been a regular on TWD for four seasons, cementing her place as one of the show’s most popular characters.

Therefore, her death came as somewhat of a shock to fans but also took Nacon by surprise.

The TWD star explained to Entertainment Weekly how the decision for her to leave wasn’t made by her but by showrunner Angela Kang and the way the writer wanted the episode to pan out.

Nacon said: “I first met up with Angela at the very beginning of the season in May.”

She added: “We sat down and I had a general meeting with her, and she said there was a possibility that my character could leave in episode 915. Big episode. Carnival.

“She was like: ‘We don’t have all the details yet or all the logistics, but we’ll let you know by August.’

“And then — I think it was in November or so — they were filming 914 and I realised that the script for 915 was going to come out for us to read in, like, three days and I still didn’t whether my character was going to go or not.

“So I emailed them and they called me the next day and were like,: ’Yeah, it is your character. You are going to be leaving,’ so, I found out a week before 915 started shooting.”

The short amount of time between discovering her character’s fate and shooting the scenes made the news particularly hard for the actor she explained.

Nacon said: “I was upset, for sure. Especially because it was kind up spur of the moment.

“Even though I knew it was a possibility throughout the year, it’s always hard to hear that it actually is you. But I pushed through it.”

Nevertheless, Nacon has remained positive about the future and was complimentary about the AMC series.

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She added: “I got to move to California and knew that I had bigger possibilities.

“Only big things can come from this amazing show, so I wasn’t too worried.”

And big things did come as a result of Nacon’s time on The Walking Dead as she landed a recurring role in Hulu thriller Light as A Feather shortly after.

Nacon plays Sammi Karras on the hit series opposite the likes of Haley Ramm, Brianne Tju and Liana Liberato.

The Walking Dead season 10 returns to AMC and Fox UK in February 2020.

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