Theyre all about PR! BBC slammed for outrageous coverage of Olympics

Tokyo 2020: Pundit hits out at BBC's 'lousy' Olympic coverage

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The BBC has been slammed by Defund the BBC’s Rebecca Ryan for its recent decision to block people “bringing hate” to their comments section. It came after viewers have expressed dissatisfaction with the BBC’s lack of the Olympics coverage.  

The political consultant said: “To try and shut down this debate with threats of will report you to the police. It’s just simply outrageous from what’s supposed to be a publicly funded broadcaster.

The presenter Kevin O’Sullivan also chipped in, saying that the BBC has “lousy Olympics” coverage.

He asked: “Didn’t you think Rebecca that the Olympic coverage got rolling a week or so ago, and the BBC didn’t tell us that they’ve had the rights nicked off them by Discovery, who bought it for 920 million poundsThe European rights to the Olympic Games.

“And they were only prepared to give the BBC a few dribblings so they can only show minor amounts of events at Discovery’s discretion.

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“Strange, they didn’t tell us that before the games started, because it was left to Dan Walker when all the viewers are saying ‘This is lousy! Where’s the sprinting? I don’t want to watch BMX biking’, and then you get Dan Walker tweeting- ‘Well, Discovery got the rights and we didn’t. What did they tell us that before?”

Ms Ryan replied: “Yeah, they kept it extremely quiet, but they’ve all about PR and making sure that they keep their position.

“It’s covering their own backs. They’re having to move within, you know, this changing landscape as it is.

“So, they’d rather just pretend things like that wasn’t happening so yeah I mean it’s been an appalling coverage.”

She added: “We’ve got the smallest snippets of things that you want to see and nothing at all about the things that people want to see.”

This year’s Olympics are receiving record-low ratings as viewers have complained that the BBC is not providing enough coverage.

The BBC has produced scaled-down courage of the Games as a result of a near £1billion deal between Olympic chiefs and American channel Discovery.

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It entails that the BBC can only air two sports live at the same time.

The BBC was able to offer dozens of free livestreams of different sports during the London 2012 and Rio 2016 Olympics.

However, this is no longer possible as Olympics organisers decided to sell the European television rights for the games to the US company Discovery in a £920m deal.

The British public was not aware of the changes until now.
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