Unimpressed BGT fans accuse X of having sinister motive for performance

Britain's Got Talent fans accused magic act X of using their act to gain followers after they managed to rack up 23,000 just minutes after using their social media account as part of their act.

The creepy magician first used Ant and Dec on stage to show their skills and managed to shock Dec without even touching him, leaving everyone stunned.

Later, X got Simon Cowell to close his eyes as Amanda Holden scrolled through his Instagram and went to their first ever post in March.

It showed X holding up a sign which said 'Hope' behind an unsuspecting Simon.

X then asked Simon the word he was thinking of and he revealed it was Hope.

But fans noticed that X's Instagram also hugely gained from the magic act – over 20,000 followers in minutes, to be exact.

One tweeted: "Well that’s one way to gain Instagram followers #BGT."

While another commented: " Well that's one way to gain 20k of Instagram followers in 2 minutes #bgt #iamx."

A third remarked: "#bgt how to boost your Instagram followers #iamxofficial."

Earlier Ant hit back at boss Simon after the media mogul made an awkward dig at him live on air.

After introducing the last Britain's Got Talent semi-final of the week, Ant and Dec went to talk to the judges.

But Simon couldn't help but snark about their darkening tan.

"You're both getting a sun tan this week," Simon pointed out. "You're both getting darker and darker."

"It's my blood pressure – working with you!" Ant hit back, sparking laughter from the rest of the judges.

Tonight the final two acts will be chosen to be part of the final on Sunday.

Also joining them will be a wild card act chosen by the judges.

All the acts will be competing to win £250,000 and a place in the BGT final.

*Britain's Got Talent final airs Sunday on ITV

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