Val Kilmers Documentary Val Trailer Gives Raw Look at His Recovery From Throat Cancer

The ‘Batman Forever’ actor gets emotional and struggles to talk in the trailer, which also includes behind-the-scenes footage he shot himself over the years.

AceShowbizVal Kilmer is offering a candid look at his life in his upcoming documentary “Val“, which trailer has been released for viewing pleasure. The video includes behind-the-scenes footage that the actor filmed himself over the years, featuring Hollywood stars Sean Penn and a very young Kevin Bacon.

“I’ve lived a magical life and I’ve captured quite a bit of it,” a narrator says from Val’s point-of-view in the trailer. “I was recently diagnosed with throat cancer. I’m still recovering. It is difficult to talk and be understood, but I want to tell my story more than ever.”

The trailer also captures raw moment during Val’s recovery from throat cancer. At one point, he is seen in tears while lying in bed. “I’ve tried to see the world as one piece of life,” he struggles to talk with a voice box device attached to his neck.

“For over 40 years Val Kilmer, one of Hollywood’s most mercurial and/or misunderstood actors has been documenting his own life and craft through film and video,” the film’s description reads. “He has amassed thousands of hours of footage, from 16mm home movies made with his brothers, to time spent in iconic roles for blockbuster movies like ‘Top Gun’, ‘The Doors’, ‘Tombstone’, and ‘Batman Forever’.”

“This raw, wildly original and unflinching documentary reveals a life lived to extremes and a heart-filled, sometimes hilarious look at what it means to be an artist and a complex man,” the description concludes.

“Val” is premiering at the Cannes Film Festival. Sharing the trailer on Twitter, Val wrote, “It feels like yesterday and yet it has been a lifetime. As I write this, my documentary is getting ready to premiere at Festival De Cannes. And as grateful as I am for being selected with this high honor, I look forward most to sharing my life’s story with all of you.”

He added, “As a lifelong filmmaker it thrills me to say the film will be in theaters July 23. And as a person who also enjoys getting cozy, I’m possibly more happy that it will be on [Amazon Prime] Aug. 6. Here’s to giving every day the opportunity to be the most beautiful of your life.”

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