Wait…Is Rafael in a Relationship on 'Jane the Virgin'?

[This post contains spoilers about season 5 of Jane the Virgin.]

Those who are prone to motion sickness should probably not watch the final season of Jane the Virgin, because so far, this thing is shaping up to be a GD roller coaster. When the intense plot twists aren’t jerking us around, the show drags us through every possible emotion. I mean, there has yet to be an episode where I haven’t thrown a rage fit, cried, and become speechless all within the course of five minutes.

This season’s been so brutal because it has forced Jane to finally make the choice between Michael and Rafael. You have to admit that whichever team you’re on, it’s been really rough. Even during the times in which Jane has made a decision…it’s tricky to get any of the other involved parties on board. Here’s your official relationship status tracker for the final season of Jane the Virgin.

Team Michael

Michael is Jane’s soul mate. The two were married when Michael passed away…and when he miraculously came back from the dead, they were still legally bound to each other, even though Jane had moved on to a relationship with Rafael. However, Jane has always truly believed in soul mates, and given the telenovela style of her life, it would be pretty unlikely for her story to end without one. Perhaps Michael is truly her happy ending?

Team Rafael

Rafael and Jane were brought together by fate, which is another factor that she can never ignore. She truly does love him, and he’s Mateo’s father!

Rafael has always been supportive of Jane and extremely patient while she deals with all the crazy happenings of her life. You know, like…when she was accidentally artificially inseminated with his child, when her husband came back from the dead, and when she bounced between him and Michael for four seasons of television.

The Timeline

“Chapter Ninety-Three”
Oh, no big deal! This episode was just the exact moment that Team Rafael has been waiting for all season long. Raf was briefly seeing his coworker Julie, and although she was played by the flawless Sophia Bush…he wasn’t feeling it. Jane tried to convince him to give Julie a second chance (which is the weirdest flex ever, IMO), and he almost did until he realized that he is head over heels in love with Jane. Rafael asked Jane to move in with him. Then, they kissed and broke out into a musical number. Things are lookin’ good for these two…I just really hope that wasn’t a dream sequence, or something.
Status: Back together! (But there are still a ton of episodes left, so let’s not get too comfortable.)

“Chapter Ninety-Two”
Uh, Rafael is apparently seeing other people. Obviously, this is not a good sign for their situationship. They’re still coparenting, and trying to find ways to work as a team. There is one tiny detail that’s giving me hope that they’ll end up together though. Jane has officially decided to move out of Alba’s house, because the living arrangement isn’t working for anyone. Given the way things tend to play out on this show…it kind of feels like Jane will end up signing a lease for her own apartment at the same time Rafael decides he wants to be with her. Don’t you think?
Status: Casually seeing other people.

“Chapter Ninety-One”
Jane and Rafael butt heads when a teacher suggests they get Mateo evaluated to see if he has a learning disability. Jane thinks it’s best to look into it, but Rafael is concerned that Mateo may be misdiagnosed with something just because he has a lot of energy. Jane goes behind Rafael’s back, and schedules an appointment anyway. But of course, by the end of the episode, they realize that they were both just trying to do what’s best for their son. They also (very nicely!) agree to work with a lawyer to create a custody agreement so that they have clear guidelines on how to coparent in the future, no matter what happens to their relationship. This is upsetting to Jane, because she doesn’t like feeling as if she’s preparing for a life without Rafael.
Status: Not together, but making it work.

Chapter Ninety”
Jane’s surprisingly doing a great job at not messing things up with Rafael! On the inside, she’s two seconds away from blurting out her unreciprocated feelings. On the outside, though, she’s handling coparenting with him pretty well. She says that being around him in a family setting (like Alba’s wedding) is comforting, but if you ask me…she’s probably going to burst soon. She can only keep those feelings bottled up for so long!
Status: Is “snoozefest” a relationship status? C’mon Jane and Raf. At the very least, we can give a shout-out to Alba and Jorge for finally getting it on.

“Chapter Eighty-Nine”
Wow…it seems like Michael truly is out of the picture. Was his name even mentioned ONCE in this episode? “Chapter Eighty-Nine” was all about Jane and Rafael’s adventure into coparenting. Although Jane got her hopes up a few times (Rafael needs to ease up on the damn emoji), he made it clear that he is absolutely done with her. Xo tells Jane that although she may not believe things are over between them, she must accept it. So…that’s what our leading lady is up to for now.
Status: Technically, Rafael has Jane’s heart, but they’re not together.

“Chapter Eighty-Eight”
In a very yeehaw episode of Jane the Virgin, Michael and Jane head to Montana to work their feelings out. Michael tells Jane that he will move to Miami to be with her for good. But at that point, she has realized that she needs to be with Rafael.

When Jane gets back to Miami, she tells Rafael that she is ready to be with him for the rest of her life. He tells her that it was too difficult to wait for her to make up her mind and that it’s officially too late. However, she is determined to win him back. Jane tells Alba that she will do anything she can to be with Rafael.
Status: Jane wants to be with Rafael…he just needs some convincing.

“Chapter Eighty-Seven”
This episode, we saw Rafael withdraw from the whole love triangle scenario for a minute and take some time to focus on his mental health. In the Villanueva household, Xo urged Jane to work her feelings out for Michael, but Jane still had some hesitation because she knows that she still loves Rafael. Jane and Michael end up having a heart-to-heart where he says, “We’re different now, but what’s not different is the way I feel about you.”

Jane and Michael then decide to take a trip to Montana, which we’ll see in “Chapter Eighty-Eight.” They want to head out of Miami to remove themselves from the “ghosts of their past,” which totally makes sense. There are a lot of old feelings resurfacing and getting in the way of their current emotions.
Status: Testing the waters with Michael.

“Chapter Eighty-Six”
This was an extremely stressful episode to watch for both Team Michael and Team Rafael. Jane told Raf that she chooses him, but he told her to move the rest of her stuff out. THEN, he goes and tells Mateo (an impressionable young child!) that he will always love Jane, but he’s just trying to find out how he loves her.

Then, we learn that Raf was going to propose to Jane in her birthday card, and when he finds the card, he catches feelings all over again. But by the time Rafael gets to talk to Jane, she tells him that it’s unfair for him to wait around while she works out her emotions. Womp, womp.

Michael gives Jane an annotated copy of her novel, filled with all the things he couldn’t actually tell her when he read the book for the first time. So…this feels like a win for Michael.
Status: Messy…but she’s chasing Michael.

“Chapter Eighty-Five”
Uh, so…maybe I jumped the gun on this whole “Who will Jane choose?!” thing. The way things are going, Jane might not be the one making the decision. After last night’s episode, the ball is in Rafael’s court. He asked Jane to leave when he found out she didn’t send the divorce papers after Michael regained his memory.

Does this mean Michael wins by default? Will she fight for Raf? Or is she just going to end up single? This is breaking my brain.
Status: Definitely not with Rafael, but she hasn’t chosen Michael yet either.

“Chapter Eighty-Four”
Jason asked Jane on a date to completely rule out any possibility that the two might hit it off. He then took her fishing, and unsurprisingly, sparks failed to fly. She realizes that although Michael was her soul mate, Jason is not. Without all of Michael’s memories and personality quirks, he is a completely different person. She decides that it would be foolish to ruin a good thing with Rafael just to see if Jason would ever change back to Michael.

BUT, when Jason is leaving Jane’s house after finally bringing over the divorce papers, he hits a fishing pole on the top of the entryway. As a few paint chips flake off, it seemingly reminds him of a time when he stood at that same doorway in the snow and a bunch of Jane memories come flooding in. Jane is unaware of Michael’s regained memory.
Status: With Rafael.

“Chapter Eighty-Three”
Jane spends some time with Michael/Jason to prove that there is no spark between the two. He tries to kiss her, and she shuts him down.
Status: With Rafael.

“Chapter Eighty-Two”
Michael “returns from the dead” but does not remember Jane. She’s conflicted when she sees that he’s still alive, because she realizes that she could still have some feelings for him. However, his memory was erased, and he believes that he is a man named Jason with nothing in common with Jane.
Status: With Rafael.

Knowing that Jane the Virgin never does what we expect…she could totally end up single or with someone we haven’t even met yet. Who knows at this point?!

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