Watch a Streaker Interrupt 'Today' Show: 'Get Your Clothes On!' (Video)

The morning show’s hosts were stunned and concerned but definitely a little amused

It’s a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it moment, but sure enough, the runner made a second pass through the shot, though his lower half was mostly covered by “Today” show barricades set up around the windows to keep people at a safe distance.

The hosts of the show could see everything from their angle and promptly freaked out at what was happening. “Where are your clothes? Oh my gosh, what is happening?” Guthrie called out. Meanwhile, Melvin and Kotb opted to scold the runner a bit, yelling things like “What are you doing?!” and “Get your clothes on!”

Naturally, the hosts needed a few minutes to regroup, so the show abruptly cut to a commercial break. Ironically, the first ad in the break simply began with the word “dignity,” which some Twitter users had a field day with.

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