Who is A Teacher star Kate Mara?

HOLLYWOOD’s Kate Mara is best known for playing Zoe Barnes in Netflix’s House of Cards.

She will now star in A Teacher, a miniseries by FX based on a film of the same name with actor Nick Robinson. 

Who is Kate Mara?

Kate Rooney Mara, 37, is an American actress and film producer. 

She has starred in films like Random Hearts, Brokeback Mountain, and the miniseries American Horror Story: Murder House.

Who does she play in A Teacher? 

Mara will play a popular young teacher named Claire Crystal in the series A Teacher. 

The series explores the story of a highschool teacher having an affair with her male student and the consequences that arise from the illegal relationship. 

Mara told Entertainment Weekly that she was “fascinated” by the story of the illicit relationship saying: “The thing that I was more fascinated about, why I wanted to tell the story, was for us to explore what happens to both the victim and the abuser after the headlines, and to really explore whether Claire is worthy of forgiveness.”

Her co-star, Nick Robinson described the relationship as “wrong” and “dangerous” for both the teacher and the student and mentioned that it happens more often than not despite the repercussions.

“There is a definite fascination with these kinds of relationships. The Mary Kay Letourneau story is probably the most famous, but these happen all the time. I don't know what the fascination is, it's sort of dangerous and taboo and wrong,” he told EW.

A Teacher will premiere on FX via Hulu on November 10.

The first three episodes will be available at once and then a new one will premiere weekly every Tuesday. 

When did she marry Jamie Bell? 

Mara began dating her Fantastic Four co-star Jamie Bell in 2015. 

The couple got engaged at the beginning of 2017 and married that summer.

Mara became the stepmother to Bell’s child from his marriage to actress Evan Rachel Wood.

Do they have any children?

Bell and Mara have a daughter born in May of 2019 after the actress suffered from a life-threatening condition prior to giving birth.

She opened up to Dr. Berlin’s Informed Pregnancy Podcast about being diagnosed with Cholestasis — a liver disease that can occur in late stages of pregnancy — and eventually having to undergo an emergency c-section to save her baby. 

“I kept really calm for most of those three days but right before I went in for the c-section, that’s when I sort of [felt] the devastation of it and the disappointment of not being able to experience a birth any way that I had hoped,” she recalls, adding that she felt “really scared” ahead of the surgery.

“It was more that I was so scared to have the c-section, to have this surgery,” Mara explained. 

“I was genuinely terrified of what that meant and what could happen and all of these things, and then of course just being tired made me that much more scared, I think.”

Who are Kate's parents and siblings?

The actress comes from a long line of NFL owners from both sides of her family.

Mara’s parents are Timothy Christopher Mara, an NFL scout and vice president of the New York Giants for player evaluation, and Kathleen McNulty Mara.

She is a great-granddaughter of both New York Giants founder Tim Mara and Pittsburgh Steelers founder Art Rooney, Sr.

Mara has one older brother, Daniel; one younger sister, the actress Patricia "Rooney" Mara, and one younger brother, Conor.

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