Wondering If There's Going to Be a 'Bachelor in Paradise' Reunion This Season?

Warning: a lot a lot a LOT of Bachelor in Paradise Spoilers are ahead!!!!!!!!!! Go ahead and remove yourself from this narrative if you prefer to remain unspoiled.

While every season of Bachelor in Paradise is an unhinged mess, Season 7 is truly next level in terms of drama, hijinks, and entertainment, and IDK about you but I need a reunion show. First of all, we obviously are going to want to check on the (three) engaged couples. But more importantly so much has been happening in real time as the show airs, and coupled with spoilers, a lot of questions need to be answered. Ahem, including but not limited to:

And truly, that’s just the first six questions that come to mind. The point is: a reunion show is a MUST this season, and unfortunately it doesn’t look like we’re getting one.

Reality Steve answered this question in a recent batch of “reader emails,” writing “I’ve heard there isn’t going to be one this season.”

This is obviously a huge bummer and could be for a myriad of reasons. First of all, ABC is currently filming Michelle’s season of The Bachelorette, so maybe they simply don’t have the capacity to run back to L.A. to film a BiP reunion. But also, the Delta variant has made filming more complicated, and it’s possible that there isn’t time to gather up the cast, quarantine them for two weeks, and film a reunion show.

Fingers crossed that they can make it work virtually, though, because we, the people, need a reunion even if it involves watching a bunch of glitchy Zoom screens.

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