Yous Charlotte Ritchie difficult season four debut

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The highly anticipated fourth season of the Netflix psychodrama YOU will be back on fans’ screens this week. And just like previous seasons, the upcoming fourth instalment of Sera Gamble’s thriller will introduce plenty of new characters, who lay at risk to become one of Joe’s next unfortunate victims. Newbie to the series, Charlotte Ritchie, opens up about her “nerve-wracking” first day on the set of the popular Netflix thriller.

The Call The Midwife actress is up against one of Netflix’s most notorious serial killer characters, Joe Goldberg, in the fourth season of YOU, but somehow her character ends up being the unlikeable one.

Ahead of her debut, Richie recalled what her first day on the set of YOU was like.  

Explaining the similarity between her first day as a newcomer on The Call The Midwife, she said: “I had a similar feeling, where the show was already quite a big hit and I was coming on as a new character. 

“It was nerve-wracking, but it’s also always exciting starting a new job. It’s good to feel a little bit scared. I don’t want to feel too comfy.”

A majority of the fourth series of YOU was filmed in London, where the actress spent most of her childhood growing up, giving her a handy 45-minute commute to the studio. 

Another crazy coincidence was that Joe’s university in the show is Egham’s Royal Holloway, where she almost studied.

The actress said: “There were locations that I’m really familiar with and it was surreal to be filming at them.”

“I kept thinking about my nine-year-old self imagining filming this huge show all these years later.”

After Joe managed to worm his way into Kate’s friendship group, a bunch of elite, privileged members of society, things will most likely take a turn for the worst in true Joe Goldberg fashion. 

The singer told Radio Times how she is the polar opposite of her “icy” character Kate, who is standoff-ish from the moment she met serial killer Joe (Penn Badgley). 

Ritchie added “And my character is very well turned out and very icy, at least at the beginning, it’s just not like me, that character. So it was interesting and it was challenging, I have to say.”

“Her clothes are tight and her haircut is rigid. It was mad to have to contain myself every day into this person. I found it tricky.”

All of Joe’s former flames like Love Quinn  from last season were sensitive, but Kate is almost entirely different being dispassionate and firmly resistant to being wooed by Joe.

As the serial killer spends more time around her group of friends, Kate and Joe’s relationship develops, but she rightly remains suspicious of him. 

Fans may finally witness the serial killer meet his match in the upcoming season.

Despite his character’s disturbing ways, Kate star Charlotte Ritchie had nothing but nice things to say about Penn. 

As YOU fans know Joe is a serial killer, but in season four he attempts to reinvent himself as a literature professor in the UK, going by the name Jonathan Moore

Fans last left Joe in Paris after murdering Love who was his estranged ex-wife, the killer faked his own death in the same fire Love died in.

Netflix has announced fans can expect a few new characters next season, like Charlotte Ritchie as Kate, Stephan Hagan as Malcolm, Ozioma Whenu as Blessing, Tilly Keeper as Lady Phoebe, and Aidan Cheng as Simon.

You season 4 airs on Netflix from February 9.

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