Zuckerberg Haunted By Social Media Outages In Late Show Spoof The Social Notwork

Stephen Colbert opened Tuesday’s edition of The Late Show with a short clip of Jesse Eisenberg reprising his role as Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg from The Social Network, poking fun at how the big tech billionaire lost more than $6 billion due to the Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp outage.

As the world plunged into chaos during this six-hour period, the late night show host remained hopeful, calling his audience members “warriors.”

“This is the greatest generation,” he said, “because yesterday, every single person in this room had to dig down deep within themselves and find the strength to make it through Facebool’s six hour worldwide [outage].”

Due to Zuckerberg losing so much money, Colbert predicted at some point he will have to start selling his merchandise online.

“He’ll have to sell his old stuff on Facebook marketplace,” he joked, “a gray hoodie and used copy of Eye Contact for Beginners. Price: $130 billion.”

And Colbert didn’t stop there. While Zuckerberg’s media conglomerate gave a vague explanation about faulty configuration shutting down the site, the host had his own feeling, as to the cause of the problem.

“I thought it was the inverted radial processor corrupting the shell domain JavaScript and the blue floor,” he said. “Teddy Ruxpin, Nintendo cyber bikes.”

Here is the Social Network clip from the show.

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