300-tonne fatberg found under houses putting families through ‘months of hell’

Neighbours in Birmingham living above a giant 300-tonne fatberg in the sewage network have spoken out after five months of roadworks hell.

The gigantic ball, which was initially discovered in April, has almost been destroyed thanks to 520 hours of water jetting to separate 1,000 metres of clogged-up oil, grease, fat, wipes and sanitary products.

A fatberg is a build-up of these materials that were flushed down people's toilets, reports BirminghamLive.

Roadworks began in the area in February, and the Severn Trent sewer works have clashed with a separate scheme to improve flood defences, along with a development to build brand-new social housing.

Although most of the colossal blockage has been cleared, neighbours say the four-way traffic light system – which is likely to continue for another two weeks while sewer checks are performed – is making their lives a misery.

Taxi driver Israr Saddique, 37, who lives in nearby Chipperfield Road, said the parking problems caused as a result of the roadworks are bringing tension amongst neighbours.

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He even claims his car was damaged on purpose thanks to the friction.

"The same problems are still going on. We keep being told it's another couple of weeks but then it ends up being longer," he said.

"People are moaning when other people park in front of their house.

"I hope it will only be a couple of weeks longer this time, but I'm not confident."

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Elizabeth Tuckey, 54, who lives in nearby Palmers Grove, said the noise and smell from the works has left her feeling like she is "living on a building site".

She said: "We've had roadworks here since February and five months later, they're still going on. It's a nightmare.

"If anything, the problems have only got worse. My husband is on palliative care so we have carers coming in three times a day and they have nowhere to park, it's a joke.

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"My husband had to go into hospital a couple of months ago and the ambulance had to stop in the middle of the road.

"It's impacting us on a daily basis. With it being so hot at the moment, we've got the windows open and the smell and the noise from the sewer works is awful, it's like living on a building site.

"I know it's got to be done but the amount of time it's taking is a joke."

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