A Snack Bar Gets Into Frozen Dessert

Kind Snacks has taken some of its popular snack bar flavors and reimagined them as a line of icy treats.

By Florence Fabricant

Kind bars have been around since 2004, and its line of products, primarily fruit and nut mixtures, has grown; the company has now introduced a frozen plant-based dessert you could happily mistake for high-end ice cream. Its main ingredient is not some alternate milk, but pear juice. The rich, complex flavors, mostly swirled abundantly with ingredients, are dark chocolate-almond-sea salt, dark chocolate-peanut butter, dark chocolate-cherry-cashew, coffee-hazelnut, caramel-almond-sea salt, strawberry and pistachio. They’re sold at supermarket chains including Kroger, Walmart and ShopRite.

Kind Frozen Pints, $5.99 a pint, kindsnacks.com.

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