Adolf Hitler’s globe-shaped yacht bar could sell for $250k (£194k) as it goes up for auction for first time in 70 years

ADOLF Hitler's globe-shaped yacht bar is up for auction for the first time in 70 years.

The World War II Nazi leader's personal bar is estimated to fetch up to $250,000 at auction.

The lot is for sale through Alexander Historical Auctions in Chesapeake City, Maryland.

Hitler's globe-shaped bar was salvaged from his "Aviso Grille" yacht when the boat was scrapped in 1951.

The bar, along with five stools, has been kept untouched in a rural Maryland home for 70 years, according to the auction house.

The son of the original buyer kept the items in his house "as a curiosity," Alexander Historical Auctions said.

"The bar, fittingly, resembles the 'world' which Hitler hoped to conquer!" the auction house said in a statement.

Hitler entertained other WWII dictators and leaders as guests on board the yacht, including Benito Mussolini, Hermann Goring, Joseph Goebbels, Miklos Horthy, and Hess, according to the auction house.

In total, the bar is more than six feet tall, over eight feet wide, and nearly eight feet front to back.

The starting bid for the bar is $75,000 – but it's estimated to fetch between $150,000 to $250,000.

Four of the bar stool cushions have been replaced with replica fabric – but the fifth still has the original covering.

Other minor parts of the bar have been replaced – but the structure remains largely the original that the demon dictator himself used.

Hitler first rose to power as Germany's chancellor in 1933 and ruled as dictator until 1945.

The Nazi leader would often spend two to three nights on the ship, according to Alexander Historical Auctions.

The ship's captain said the dictator drank heavily on board – and recalled an outburst when he once walked into a room and kicked over a newly-opened bottle of champagne staff had intended to drink.

As Russian troops closed in on Germany, Hitler killed himself on April 30, 1945.

The boat was built in 1934, and Hitler assigned it as a state yacht.

It was later used as a minelayer, patrol vessel, and headquarter ship for the naval forces commander, based in Norway, according to the auction house.

Following World War II, a Canadian business man bought the Grille, then sold it to a Lebanese investor.

The investor planned to sell it to Egypt's King Farouk – but "Jewish saboteurs unsuccessfully attempted to sink the vessel with limpet mines in Malta Harbor," Alexander said on its site.

The king backed out of the deal, and it was brought to America.

After the investor failed to find a buyer, the Grille was scrapped and broken up – but the bar was salvaged.

Other items for sale at the auction include Hitler's black formal frock coat and top hat, an SS "Mein Kampf" carved box, and two slips and a beauty set from the dictator's mistress, Eva Braun.

The lot goes up for sale on October 29 at 10am EDT.

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