Angela Merkel insists she's 'fine' after being filmed shaking for third time

Angela Merkel played down health fears after her body visibly shook at a public event for the third time in less than a month.

The German Chancellor trembled as she stood alongside Finnish Prime Minister Antti Rinne listening to the two country’s national anthems at a military honours ceremony outside the chancellery in Berlin.

It comes after similar episodes on June 18 and June 27.

‘I am fine,’ Mrs Merkel told reporters following today’s meeting. ‘I am very well and people don’t have to be worried.’

The first incident occured in near-identical circumstances, with Mrs Merkel, 64, shaking while standing alongside Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy at another military ceremony.

It was a hot day and Mrs Merkel said afterward that she felt fine after drinking three glasses of water.

The second happened at the German president’s palace as she listened to his comments on the swearing-in of a new justice minister.

Temperatures were much cooler that day, as they were on Wednesday.

Mrs Merkel, who has been German leader since 2005, turns 65 on July 17.

She said of the tremors: ‘I will have to live with it for a while now, but I am very well and people don’t have to be worried.’

It is not publicly known if the chancellor has any health problems.

She added: ‘My comments on this are done today, and I think my statement that I am fine can find acceptance.

‘I said that I have to process this event and that I am in this process, and I think that just as it came, it will go away one day.

‘I am very firmly convinced that I am entirely capable of performing.’

A spokeswoman for Mrs Merkel, Ulrike Demmer, declined to comment on whether there had been any other shaking episodes beyond the three publicly known ones.

She has said she will step down from politics at the end of her term in 2021.

The chancellor has a reputation for stamina garnered over years of late-night domestic and European negotiating marathons.

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