Apocalyptic moment gigantic waterspout forms near ships at ferry terminal

Terrifying footage has emerged of a giant waterspout spirally right next to several ships at a terminal.

The apocalyptic scene took place by the Tanah Merah ferry terminal in Singapore on Saturday, July 10.

Residents living nearby described the funnel-shaped weather phenomenon as a sign "doomsday" was occurring after seeing a massive cluster of dark clouds form over the water.

A nearby ferry appeared to be dwarfed by the spout that swept water up to the sky.

One woman told The Strait Times: "When I got up this morning and opened the window, it was a bit windy.

"When I saw the waterspout, I ignored it at first but when I saw it moving, I decided to take a photo."

Another wrote online: "Doomsday happening! This waterspout is massive!"

Ship captain Ayman Husna, who was near the ferry terminal, said: "I was quite surprised when I saw it.

"Although it was not my first time, it was quite huge. It was one of the biggest I have seen."

According to witnesses, the waterspout lasted for about 20 minutes to almost half an hour before it totally disappeared bringing heavy rains in the area.

Waterspouts are intense columns of swirling tornado clouds that form over a body of water.

They are most commonly found in subtropical areas and disappear shortly after they come into contact with land.

They are formed when pockets of warm air near the water surface rise suddenly.

Cooler air is then sucked into the low-pressure air, which picks up water and rises towards the clouds in a rotating motion.

Last month, baffled Londoners saw an apparent tornado ripping through the streets of Barking.

Police were called after receiving reports of damage caused to roofs, electrical equipment, street furniture and vehicles on June 25.

Photos and videos shared on social media showed fallen trees, collapsed brick walls and damaged homes with shattered windows.

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