Are you watching Brussels? UK vaccinates almost 7 million people while EU flounders

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New Government data has revealed a surge in the vaccine roll-out across the UK with the nation on track to exceed its target of 15 million first doses by February 15. The Government data up to January 23 showed that 6,822,981 vaccine jabs were given in the UK since the beginning of the roll-out. Of these, 6,353,321 were first doses, this showed a rise of 491,970 on the previous day’s figures.

An estimated 469,660 were second doses.

This showed an increase of 1,043 on figures released the previous day.

Based on the data, the UK needs an average of 393,031 first doses of vaccine per day to reach the Government’s target.

The data shows the Government is actually exceeding its target of 15 million first doses by February 15.

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In comparison for the European Commission to make its target, their own roll-out of vaccines should be 5 times faster.

Nations in the EU need to work much faster to be able to innoculate 70 percent of adults by the end of September.

At its current pace, the EU will only be able to innoculate 15 percent of its population by the end of September.

On Tuesday the EU’s health commissioner Stella Kyriakides described September’s target as “ambitious”.

Speaking to POLITICO an EU source said the target date for full inoculation was September 22.

At its current pace, the EU will not hit its target until March 2024.

Bulgaria’s roll-out is so slow the country will not reach its target until 2040.

They would need to boost their vaccination roll-out by a factor of 29.

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Latvia would need to boost its pace by a factor of 17, while according to Our World in data, Germany is vaccinating at a rate of 0.1 per 100,000 as of January 22 – the UK is at 0.53 as of January 23.

Italy would need to accelerate it by 10 and has currently vaccinated only 0.05 people per 100,000, and Hungary by nine.

Malta is leading the EU nations in vaccination roll-outs and has vaccinated 1,182 doses and needs 2,308 a day to reach the September 22 target.

But to reach the EU’s target it would need to double its number of daily doses.

The UK started vaccinating a few weeks earlier than the EU, it will have vaccinated 83 percent of adults by the end of the summer if it keeps to its current pace.

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