BBC Weather: UK temperatures soar 10C above November average despite weekend washout

BBC meteorologist Matt Taylor has warned that the UK faces a weekend washout over the next 72 hours. The UK is on track for “intense” rain and strengthening wind gusts across the weekend, according to the latest BBC weather forecast. Some of the “erratic” outbreaks of rain will be heavy with a risk of hail and thunder as well.

However, Mr Taylor told BBC Breakfast viewers that while rain and wind will dominate the weekend, temperatures will remain mild “for this time of year”.

Temperatures could peak at 16C over the weekend – far above the average highs for November.

Temperatures this time of year often fall as low as 4C in parts of the UK and rarely climb above 10C, with last year’s average at around 6C. 

He warned that Friday morning will start off with an hour or so of intense rain sweeping across the country before gradually easing this afternoon.

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The BBC meteorologist said: “It is a comparably mild for this time of year, around 10C to 14C but this is always tempered by the strength of that wind at times.

“Cloud increases overnight from the south and the west and we will start to see outbreaks of rain develop.

“It is going to be fairly erratic, the rain, as it pushes northwards and eastwards.

“It will be on and off but it will stop temperatures from falling away too much tonight.

“As we go into the weekend, be prepared there will be some windy conditions and further rain at times.

“Saturday will be the cloudiest of the two weekend days. A better chance of sunshine on Sunday.

“We have an area of low pressure to the west, and weather fronts pushing up from the south – all combining forces across the UK to produce that wet and windy weather.

“It will feel milder than it feels today and a pretty warm night will follow.”


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He said that the rain pushing in on Saturday will include the odd heavier burst with a risk of hail and thunder.

Mr Taylor said that gusts could reach as high as 60mph on Sunday.

This comes as a long-term forecast from WXCharts revealed that the UK could be hit with 72 hours of snow and blasted with freezing temperatures in an Arctic cold snap.

The bitter air from the north is expected to make its way towards the end of this month – with snow forecast over a three day period from Thursday 19 and Saturday 21 in November.

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