Black Swan lands in Tiananman Square in eerie ‘omen’ after leader’s warning

Tourists in Tiananman Square, China were left memorised after a black swan landed in the centre of Beijing.

Crowds gathered around the rare bird taking photos as the black swan looked relaxed despite the large interest.

The black swan holds symbolic significance in some cultures due to their allusiveness and rarity, with their appearance sparking concerns of some impending doom.

In a clip shared on Twitter the black swan can be seen looking around at the crowd and ruffling its feathers.

According to the one person who shared the remarkable footage it is the first time that a black swan has landed on Tiananman Square in "decades".

"Omen? This morning, a black swan landed on Beijing's Tiananman square which hasn't happened in decades. It quickly became a tourist sensation, " the person Tweeted.

The initial video was published by bird-lover @linjianyangbe who was concerned that the swan may have landed as it was hurt.

"A bit weird that it lands on the square since there is no water. Places with water are quite close to the square. Hoping it was not hurt, forced to do so," they posted on their account.

According to the CFI references to black swans are used to "signify an extremely negative event or occurrence that is impossibly difficult to predict".

They are often events that effect the finance world and business with "black swan" used as a symbol of an unknowable or unexpected occurance.

The term was reportedly popularised by former US Wall Street trader Nassim Nicholas Taleb, who wrote about the idea in his 2001 book Fooled by Randomness.

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Earlier this year the leader of China, President Xi Jinping, warned about "black swan" and "white rhino" events during a speech at the Politburo meeting.

State news agency Xinhua reported in January that President Xi said China should look out for various risks and challenges, and make contingency plans for “black swan” and “grey rhino” events.

The “grey rhino” image is used to symbolise a highly obvious yet ignored threat.

According to the state media Beijing Daily at around 8am on Sunday the swan was taken away from Tiananman Square by the animal protection department and sent to Shunyi District.

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