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Boris’s pitch

BORIS Johnson needs to do more than just attack Corbyn and “get Brexit done”.

In 2017 Theresa May squandered a poll lead bigger than his by offering nothing to Sun readers, many of whom stayed at home on election day.

No, she had none of Boris’s charisma — and her manifesto was suicidal. And many more working-class voters are wise now to Corbyn’s economy-wrecking, aspiration-crushing extremism.

But they DO want change. As a new PM, Boris is well-placed to bring it. But he needs a dynamic manifesto that lets us keep more of our money, radically improves public services including policing and injects life back into towns left short-changed for years.

A national insurance cut will be hugely welcome, the sort of affordable boost a sound economy can provide. Welcome too are his plans to help renters and liberalise planning laws to get a million homes built fast.

What else is Boris offering voters?

Over-caution could hurt the Tories against the tsunami of Labour bribes.

Mad manifesto

CORBYN’S manifesto today will be the most ­irresponsible and dangerous ever ­published by a mainstream party.

It will be stuffed with freebies, based on fantasy figures and all “funded” by repeatedly spending the same taxes extracted only from the “rich”.

A blueprint for bankruptcy. The disastrous Marxist destruction of property rights, repelling job-creating investors.

Corbyn poses as a peaceable old hippy. In fact he is a short-fused extremist seeking to profit by stoking division.

Take his absurd caricature of our “society of billionaires and the very poor” where housing is merely “a speculation opportunity for dodgy landlords and the wealthy few”.

How do home-owners, perhaps in our most deprived towns and cities, feel about this class-war poser — this Islington millionaire hypocrite raised in a country manor — revoltingly branding THEM “the wealthy few”?

This manifesto will be launched in Birmingham, 40 years to the day since the pub bombings there in which 21 were slaughtered by the IRA Corbyn backed. How does he have the nerve?

Ignore his bribes and his lies. Never forget who he is and what he truly believes.

Prince’s shame

FINALLY he’s done the right thing.

Not that Prince Andrew had much choice but to cease all duties and wait for a knock from the police or FBI. He is a busted flush who has brought the Royals their gravest crisis in years.

His statement is a desperate attempt to fix the appalling failures of his TV interview over the Epstein scandal.

But if Andrew thinks this will draw a line under it all, he is delusional.

His woes, we fear, are just beginning.

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