Boy, 6, shot in road rage tragedy cried ‘mummy, my tummy hurts’ with last breath

Police are searching for a gunman after he shot dead a six-year-old boy in a road rage incident.

Little Aiden Leos was in the back seat of his mother's Chevy Sedan when a passenger in another car opened fire on her vehicle.

Witnesses say the single mum, who has not been identified, gave the middle finger to a driver in a Volkswagen Sedan after they cut her up.

The driver of the other vehicle was reportedly a woman with a male passenger. She is thought to have given chase and the male passenger fired a single shot at the back of the Chevy, hitting little Aiden in the stomach.

The incident took place Friday morning (May 21) on Route 44 in Orange County, southern California.

In a press conference which the boy's mother who was not injured but was too distraught to attend, Aiden's 15-year-old sister Alexis Cloonan described her little brother as a "sweet loving boy".

She said her brother's words after the shooting were: "Mommy my tummy hurts."

The shooting came one week after the boy's sixth birthday.

The mother's brother, John Cloonan, attended the press conference and made a plea to any witnesses to turn in the shooter adding that the family were "never going to be full again".

After pulling over to the side of the road, Aiden's mother picked him up and cradled him in her arms but her son turned blue.

An off-duty police officer stopped to perform CPR and paramedics arrived on the scene before he was taken to hospital where he tragically died.

Alexis said: "Please help us find the people that did this to my little brother. He's only six and he was so sweet. He was a very loving boy so please help us find who did this to him."

Aiden was being taken to his kindergarten class at Calvary Chapel Yorba Linda when the incident happened.

According to ABC news, Aiden's mother told a relative a male and a female were in the suspect vehicle.

Police have not released the names of any wanted suspects.

"It was an isolated road rage incident between the mom and another driver from a white sedan," California Highway Patrol Officer Florentino Olivera told reporters at the scene.

Olivera said the deadly gunshot came from a white sedan and struck the rear of a silver Chevrolet Sonic that was traveling ahead of it.

"Unfortunately, the child that was seated in the right rear seat was struck," he said.

Aiden was pronounced dead at Children's Hospital Orange County.

"If your vehicle has a dashcam, we're asking you, please call our CHP office in Santa Ana, provide that video," Olivera said.

"If you were driving by, you saw something that was not right, call it in – even if it wasn't something major – call our office. We want to hear from witnesses."

Aa GoFundMe page has been set up for the family which has so far raised more than $33,000.

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