Brazilian football star Neymar arrives to be quizzed over rape claims

Brazilian football star Neymar arrives on crutches to be quizzed by detectives over 26-year-old model’s hotel rape claims

  • Neymar hobbled into the domestic violence unit in Sao Paulo for questioning
  • He is accused of raping a 26-year-old model in a Paris hotel room on May 15
  • The footballer was surrounded by police after he flew in on a private jet 
  • Several of the officers took photos with their smartphones of the Brazilian star 

Brazilian footballer Neymar arrived on crutches to be quizzed by detectives over a 26-year-old model’s hotel rape claims today.

Dressed in a dark suit and his right foot heavily strapped, he was met at the door of the domestic violence unit in Sao Paulo, Brazil, by Dr Juliana Lopes Bussacos, the police chief inspector who will lead the questioning.

The soccer icon was flanked by armed police and others produced riot shields in the tiny courtyard, as supporters chanted his name beyond the sealed off courtyard.

The 26-year-old footballer, who signed by PSG for £200 million two years ago, was being asked about claims he ‘aggressively’ attacked and raped Najila Trindade, 26, in room 203 of the Sofitel Hotel in Paris on May 15. 

Brazilian footballer Neymar arrives at the domestic violence unit in Sao Paulo for questioning (left) and Najila Trindade, his accuser (right)

Neymar turns his head as he is flanked by a heavy police presence outside the Women’s Defence Precinct in Sao Paulo on Wednesday

Neymar is expected to tell investigators that Ms Trindade, a divorced mother-of-one, flew to Paris for consensual sex with him after they met on Instagram where he has 120 million followers.

After interviewing him, police will then decide whether to drop the case or press charges against the star. 

Several of the officers produced their cell phones to record the moment Neymar visited as helicopters hovered overhead.

Plain clothed police, wearing dark glasses, scanned every window and corner of the yard to protect the rape suspect.

The superstar flew in on a private jet to meet officers from the city’s domestic violence unit for questioning.

Two of the three female state lawyers Estefania Ferrazzini Paulin and Flavia Cristina Merlini who will ultimately decide Neymar’s fate, followed the footballer into the police unit minutes later, carrying large files.

The domestic violence unit which boasts that it is open 24 hours a day to help victims, closed for the day to prepare for the VIP suspect. 

Neymar was screened once inside the unit and officers placed brown paper sheets over windows to keep his interviews private. 

His fate could ultimately lay in the hands of three top Brazilian female state lawyers who have been seconded to oversee his interview and those of key witnesses.

The soccer icon was flanked by armed police in the tiny courtyard, despite the area being sealed off to all

Neymar can be seen hobbling into the domestic violence unit as a plain clothes officer stands guard with a handgun on his waist

Police holding riot shields stand guard in the tiny courtyard which was cordoned off for the soccer star’s arrival after he jetted in

They sat in on an interview given to police yesterday by Ms Trindade’s former husband, Estivens Alves.

Najila Trindade speaks to Brazilian TV earlier this month

He told police he was demanding an apology from the footballer for identifying his son in a WhatsApp text message exchange with Ms Trindade after their liaison.

The case which has gripped Brazil threatened to descend into a farce yesterday after Ms Tridande’s lawyer became her second attorney to quit the case in little over a week.

Danileo Garcia de Andrade resigned after she accused him of staging a break-in at her home and stealing an iPad, which she claims has evidence proving Neymar’s guilt.

She said the iPad was stolen from her Sao Paulo apartment – but police found no sign of a break-in.

She also claimed police ‘had been bought’ and officers are now threatening legal action alleging she has slandered them.

Neymar strongly denies the rape allegation and released a video to support his side of the story, revealing Whatsapp messages between the two.

Neymar wore a dark suit and his right foot was heavily strapped as he arrived to give his account to detectives

In her police statement the model claimed Neymar’s assistant acted as a go-between to lure her to Paris for a liaison with him.

She admitted to wanting to have sex with him when she agreed to meet him in France – but alleged he later became aggressive and raped her.

Ms Trindade claimed the footballer was ‘seemingly intoxicated’ when he went to her hotel on the first of two nights.

The police statement said: ‘The victim testified that she met Neymar through the Instagram social network and that they started exchanging messages.

‘His assistant then got in touch with her on May 12 and booked a flight and a hotel for her in Paris.

‘She left for Paris on May 14, arrived on May 15 and stayed at the Hotel Sofitel Paris Arc de Triomphe.

‘The victim states that at around 8pm of the same day Neymar went to her hotel, seemingly intoxicated.

‘They began chatting and cuddling, but at a certain point he became aggressive, and through violence had sex with the victim without her consent.

‘The victim states that she left Paris for Brazil on May 17. She affirms that she was fearful of filing a complaint in a foreign country preferring to do so at this precinct instead.’

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