Carrot the 'magic' deer with an arrow sticking out of his head

Carrot the ‘magic’ deer with an arrow sticking out of his head who visits Canadian town every Christmas

  •  Friendly deer known to locals in Kenora, Ontario, shot in the head with an arrow 
  •  Appears unaffected by the rod which pokes out the top and side of his head
  •  Lee-Anne Carver has launched campaign to get bylaws in the city changed
  • Currently residents are allowed to shoot urban deer with bows within city limits

Residents in the north of Ontario were shocked when a friendly neighbourhood deer reappeared with an arrow through his head. 

The buck, which has been affectionately named Carrot the Magic Deer by locals, has been visiting Lee-Anne Carver and her husband, and others, in the city of Kenora since 2017. 

For three years he has repeatedly come back to the couple’s home after he was orphaned when he was young, instead being raised by a buck nicknamed Potato. 

But this year the couple were devastated to see an arrow had been shot through his head and was poking out the other side. 

Carrot the ‘magic’ deer has been visiting the residents of Kenora, Ontario, for around three years and appeared this week with a bow in his head

The friendly animal, who has an arrow poking out two sides of his head, was orphaned when he was young, instead being raised by a buck nicknamed Potato.

While he appears unfazed by the large rod, which goes through the top of his head and out his right side, several people who are friendly with the dear have been left upset by his ordeal. 

Mrs Carver’s husband first found Carrot and rushed into their home crying while trying to explain what he had seen, CBC reports. 

She went out to look for herself and said she was ‘completely disturbed’ by Carrot’s injury.  

Since they spotted their regular visitor had been injured on December 9, wildlife photographer Mrs Carver set up a social media campaign in a bid to save him. 

On their Facebook page, she described Carrot as ‘gentle and friendly’ and an animal who ‘brings harm to no one and absolute joy to many.’

When examining the animal they could see immediately that there was no blood or sign of infection and they called the local authorities. 

On Wednesday a team of police and staff from the local natural resources ministry arrived to tranquilize Carrot and cut down the top of the arrow

They have since assured the couple that they will not kill Carrot but other experts have suggested taking the bolt out could be extremely dangerous. 

Currently it appears to be stopping blood from escaping and removing it could result in infection if he is left with an open wound, The Guardian reports.  

The police and members of the local natural resources ministry arrived on Wednesday to try and cut the long parts of the arrow down and after several tries to put the deer to sleep they were able to snip the top. 

It was not all smooth sailing though, with the tranquilizer dart freezing inside the chamber due to cold weather on one attempt. 

It is hoped the remaining piece will fall out in the next few months. 

Carrot has received messages of support from around the world, including Australia and South Africa.  

The group’s mission is to seek changes to the local bylaw which was altered four years ago and allows residents to shoot urban deer with bows within the city limits.

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