Council fears Sergei Skripal’s Novichok house to be rented on Airbnb

The idea to purchase the £200,000 Salisbury home emerged after neighbours expressed concerns over what may happen to the property. 

Wiltshire council’s Alistair Cunningham said: “We are committed to ensuring it is not used as an Airbnb to trade on its history — and are prepared to purchase it.

“Neighbours are concerned as to what might happen to the property if it were sold.”

He added: “If it is purchased the council would ensure the property is used for residential purposes.

“We are in discussions with representatives at Whitehall.”

Cunningham said that the purchase by the council would ensure the property would be used solely for residential purposes. 

Russian nationals Alexander Petrov and Ruslan Boshirov have been accused of attempting to murder Mr Skripal after they were caught in CCTV in Salisbury the day before the attack.

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