Creepy ‘come play with me’ message found in abandoned school by urban explorer

A creepy message inviting people to "come play with me" has been found inside an abandoned school by an urban explorer.

Helenslee House in Dumbarton, Scotland was a private boarding school which shut in 2000 after financial problems.

Formerly known as Keil School, around 200 pupils were taught there each year inside a 19th century mansion.

The building has been empty since the school closed and was badly damaged by a fire in 2013.

In 2016 plans were developed to turn the rotting structure into flats, but these are yet to come to fruition.

Now, urban explorer Kyle Urbex has ventured inside the building armed with his camera.

It was so badly damaged that Kyle said the staircases crumbled away beneath his feet meaning that he could only investigate the ground floor, reports the Daily Record.

The 26-year-old photographer from Leeds said: "I decided to go there and explore because of the history behind Helenslee House.

"It is massive inside and surprisingly tucked away in a little estate.

"You can see how much it has decayed over time. It is quite unsafe inside – especially the stairs.

"The steps were crumbling away so I couldn't get to the upper floor.

"Trees have started growing into the building.

"The old classrooms have basically been stripped away by damage.

"Everything was covered in rot and decay."

Photographs from inside show "come play with me" scrawled along a wall in red paint.

One photo shows beams falling from the ceiling as the roof has begun to cave in, while other show derelict old classrooms.

An overgrowth of trees sits above the moss covered walls and graffiti tags can be seen on various parts of the building.

Kyle explored the building for around 45 minutes but said he was forced to leave because of how dangerous it was, with lots of the floorboards badly damaged.

Kyle enjoys photographing forgotten buildings and documents his trips on Instagram account kyle_urbex.

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