Dad, 59, paralysed by freak bug on tropical holiday to sue TUI for £5million

A dad who was left paralysed by a freak tummy bug whilst holidaying on a dream tropical trip is suing travel agency TUI for £5million.

William Marsh, 59, claims he had picked up severe food poisoning while on a luxury holiday in the Dominican Republic, with an infection so bad it left him paralysed.

Marsh, from Wales, believes the freak reaction and severe food poisoning left him paralysed and he is now suing TUI through London's High Court for a hefty £5million.

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William and wife Kathryn had been celebrating their silver wedding anniversary at an all-inclusive stay at the Rui Naiboa hotel when William fell ill.

Stomach cramps and diarrhoea rendered William ill, and rather than recovering after a few days, the 59-year-old struggled to get back to work as an engineer when he had returned from his holiday.

A sudden onset of paralysis changed William's life, and he has subsequently decided to sue TUI, which he booked the trip through, citing the poor hygiene and food preparation services of the Rui Naiboa.

Lawyers representing William claim a bacterial infection picked up at the hotel has caused a devastating neurological disease to take hold of the 59-year-old, who now suffers from Guillain-Barre Syndrome.

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William's immune system is now attacking nerves rather than fighting to block germs from entering his system.

Despite this, TUI have denied blame and dispute that the hotel was the source of the toxic bug, with the case reaching London High Court last week in a preliminary hearing.

Matthew Chapman, barrister for William, said that he would seek evidence of "any recorded incidents of complaints about gastric or gastric related illnesses" levelled at the hotel, its hygiene and its food preparation.

Issues of negligence and cause of illness are both contested by TUI, which is challenging the amount of compensation claimed by the 59-year-old, who says he lapsed into a coma and went through intensive rehab on his return home.

William also added that he had been left using a wheelchair and had severe weakness in the left side of his body, The Mirror reported.

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