Dad shot dead while trying to complete TikTok’s ‘milk crate challenge’

A US dad was shot dead while doing the viral "milk crate challenge" on TikTok with a group of his friends.

Julian Kirkland, 28, was filmed in Landover, Maryland on August 25 as he performed the challenge, which involved him climbing a pyramid of milk crates as onlookers watched.

Shortly after completing it, the father-of-one was shot three times by an unidentified suspect.

Officers from the Prince George's County Police Department arrived at the grisly scene on Kent Village Drive at around 8.10pm.

They found Kirkland, who was known to those closest to him as "Juju", lying on the ground, gravely injured from the gunshot wounds.

Officials confirmed that he died a short time later.

Kirkland, a maintenance worker from District Heights, leaves behind a two-year-old daughter.

Tammy Kirkland, the victim's mother, told NBC: "I am emotionally distraught.

"'I want someone to be able to come forward and say 'I did this and I apologise.'"

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She told the news website that her son was a "big fan" of viral challenges.

The "milk crate challenge" first appeared as a viral trend earlier this month, and involves people walking up and down an unsecured pyramid of milk crates.

But TikTok began banning videos of the challenge when many users began sustaining serious injuries after falling off.

The Prince Georges Police Department told the Daily Mail that up to now, there have been no arrests made as they investigate the senseless shooting.

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The tragic murder of Kirkland follows the random fatal shooting of 8-year-old Peyton James 'PJ' Evans just one day before.

The aspiring football player was sitting at his living room table when a bullet flew through the door of his Landover home on 24 August.

The shooter was reportedly driving a white Sedan – but remains on the loose as police are yet to identify them.

"My baby is gone," PJ's mother Tiffiani Evans told 7 News Maryland Bureau Chief Brad Bell.

She said: "That’s all I had that’s all I lived for. Understand me? I sacrificed so much in my life for that little boy and now my son is gone to some coward dudes that wanted to do some coward things instead of being a man."

A candlelight vigil and a balloon release was held in honour of Evans over the weekend.

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