Denver weather: A fall Friday before weekend temperatures near 90

Friday will be a lovely fall day ahead of a weekend warmup with potential record daily high temperatures.

According to the National Weather Service in Boulder, Denver will touch 77 degrees under sunny skies. The seasonal day will have light winds before cooling off to 49 degrees under the stars.

Saturday is forecasted to warm up to 85 degrees, nearing a record high of 91 degrees, recorded in 1998. It will be sunny and dry before cooling off to 52 degrees.

Sunday should be much of the same, with a high of 87 degrees. The record high for the day is 90 degrees, recorded in 2010. Sunday evening is going to cool down to 53 degrees.

If Denver does indeed touch 90 degrees over the weekend, it should be the final day in the 90s of the year. Next week should start with highs in the 80s; showers could be on the way Tuesday.

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