Diana never wanted to ‘give up’ on her marriage to Charles, says royal expert

Princess Diana didn’t want to give up on her marriage to Prince Charles – even as the divorce became official.

That’s the verdict of a royal expert who has been delving into Diana’s life for a six-part CNN series on the princess, who died in 1997.

“I think that even after the separation in 1992, they still carried on doing engagements,” Emma Cooper told Us Weekly.

“I don’t think Diana ever really wanted to truly give up.

“Actually, it was the Queen in the end [who] said, ‘You’re separated. You need to get divorced’. And I think she never, ever – did she really want to do that?

“It feels to me from the evidence of all the testimony that we had in her own words that it was hard for her.”

Emma said she uncovered some fascinating details about the relationship between Charles and Diana, who got married in 1981.

She said: “On the day Diana’s divorce papers came through, she sat there on her own in Kensington Palace, and she told [royal correspondent Jennie Bond] that the one thing she wanted to do was just pick up the phone and speak to Charles.

“Then she said, ‘Oh, but I couldn’t because I know he’d just think I was silly again’. And I thought, ‘That’s somebody who is not walking out of a marriage without feeling emotion’.

“And actually, on that day, she was also wearing her wedding ring. She was photographed with her wedding ring on. So, I don’t think she ran out of that marriage.”

Having separated in 1992, the couple divorced in 1996. Charles subsequently remarried Camilla Parker-Bowles in 2005, and Emma said that Charles’s relationship with Camilla had played heavily on Diana.

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“[Diana] knewall of this detail about Charles and Camilla , and she was constantly told by the people around [her] that she was crazy, that she was obsessed,” Emma said.

“It’s sort of language that has been used around women for centuries, which is, ‘You’re hysterical, you’re seeing things, you’re obsessed. There’s nothing in this, let it go’.

“Well, she was right. … She was aware of everything, and yet she was constantly told that what she was seeing, she was not really seeing.”

But despite their problems, Emma believes that Charles and Diana remained good parents to William and Harry.

“It’s clear that he’s a good father, and it’s clear that they parented very well,” she said.

“You can tell from their sons now – they’re marvellous, balanced men in spite of all the trauma that they’ve been through, so it would appear to us.

“Charles and Diana had no problems bringing up their children together, whether they were together or apart, and you can see in the sort of deep love that their sons have for both of them.”

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