Dog says ‘where are you going’ when owner tries on stunning outfit at home

A talkative dog left his owner stunned when he walked up to her in her evening attire and apparently asked her "Where are you going?".

Hugo the white Alaskan Malamute has gone viral on TikTok after owner Lucy Webb shared the hilarious clip on her account last month.

It's not surprised that dog loves "talking", this golden retriever wouldn't stop talking to her owner until he gives her hugs.

In the video viewed more than 10 million times, Lucy puts on an classy outfit with an orange-red top and a beige pants.

She also picks a white top handle bag as to go with and accessorises the look with some subtle gold-tone jewelries.

Hugo walks into the room from behind and looks up at Lucy, trying to initiate a conversation with her as he seemingly makes the sound, asking her: "Where're you going?"

The nine-year-old pooch has quickly shot to stardom as people enjoyed watching Hugo talking to Lucy.

"He's absolutely adorable!" one said. "He is one gorgeous pupper."

A second said: "The way you both look at each other. I'm dead."

"Animals are amazing, yours obviously has a serious connection with you, love it! a third wrote and Lucy commented: "Hugo has a swag!

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  • "He's probably asking why I'm not giving him any attention."

    Lucy later shared more clips of Hugo speaking – whether he is trying to get a snack or staring at Lucy.

    But when Lucy's friend welcomes Hugo with a song, Hugo shoves his head in between the sofa cushions as Lucy joked: "When your singing is so s*** even the dog hates."

    Elsewhere, a Rottweiler also got a surprise for his owner when he threw up a sex toy in front of the vets at a clinic.

    The sick pooch was given laxative after he swallowed a pink dildo in whole.

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