Dozens of Putin’s troops wiped out in huge blaze

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The battle in southern Ukraine has seen dozens of Russian soldiers killed, the Ukrainian military has reported, indicating that Vladimir Putin’s invasion of the country is still going disastrously. The General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine released a statement on Monday claiming that Kyiv’s men launched an offensive near Chaplynka in the Kherson region.

They claimed that the attack killed around 50 Russian soldiers as Kyiv provided updates on how the war is unfolding around the country.

Describing the fighting in Kherson, the statement said: “In the Kherson direction, the opponent continues mortar and artillery shelling of settlements along the right bank of the Dnipro River.

“In particular, the Chervonogrigorívka of Dnipropetrovsk region were injured; Antonivka – Kherson and the city of Kherson.

“There are casualties among the civilian population. On December 26, as a result of our firing impact of enemy positions in the area of Chaplinka, Kherson region, about 50 soldiers were killed.”

Fighting near Kherson has been intense in recent days. Just days prior to this reported Ukrainian attack, Russian forces shelled the city killing at least 10, Newsweek reported.

Kherson was seized by Russian troops in March as Putin’s invasion was in its early stages. It was also one of four regions to be officially annexed after the Kremlin ran sham referendums.

However, Ukraine retook the city and surrounding region back in November after Moscow’s men retreated. The Russian government described the move as a strategic regathering of troops.

The Guardian reported at the time that a Russian soldier involved in the retreat posted an account of what he saw.

The soldier said: “Hey everyone, guys, I’m alive. “What can I say? Everything I’ve been saying has happened.

“Those trying to find justification for this, comparing it with Borodino [the bloody battle during Napoleon’s invasion of Russia] or anything else can, you can tell them to go f*** themselves.

“Those who think everything will be fine next, tell them to go f*** themselves.

“They are digging fortifications in Crimea and in one unit, which I won’t name, the last order was to change into civilian clothing and fuck off any way you want.”

More recently, fighting has been focused in the town of Bakhmut, located in the eastern Donbas region.

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Russian troops launched an ambitious attack to try and take the town, but it was reported this week that they have failed in their attempt.

British intelligence claimed on Tuesday that Russia had carried out “frequent small-scale assaults” but “little territory has changed hands”.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky summed up just how violent the situation in Ukraine has become as Kyiv and Moscow’s men continue to battle. He said: “There is no place that is not covered with blood”.

Mr Zelensky added: “Last year, 70,000 people lived there. Now only a few civilians are left there. There is no place that is not covered with blood. There is no hour when the terrible roar of artillery does not sound. Still, Bakhmut stands.”

An end to the fighting is not in sight. Ukraine has maintained that it wants Russia to completely withdraw from Ukrainian territory. But, the Kremlin has maintained that the four annexed regions must remain under Moscow’s control to abide by “today’s reality”.

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