‘Drunk’ bloke killed in shark attack horror after ‘walking into ocean for a pee’

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A man who was believed to have been "drunk" walked into the sea for a wee at a Brazilian beach – only to be killed by a shark in the shallow water.

A bystander photographed the mutilated corpse of 51-year-old Marcelo Rocha Santos after it was pulled from water.

The shark had torn off Santos’s hand and bitten a large chunk out of his leg.

The incident took place at Piedade Beach in the Brazilian city of Jaboatao dos Guararapes on Saturday 10th July.

Santos’s lifeless body was taken to hospital in the neighbouring city of Recife where he was later pronounced dead.

The attack took place off an area of the beach where there had been 12 previous shark attacks. A lifeguard was on duty at the time, but was unable to prevent the attack.

Mechanic Edriano Gomes told reporters that the victim had been drinking with friends. He entered the water at around 2 pm when the sky started to cloud over and the sea was becoming choppy.

Gomes said: "It was a friend of mine who was in the sea with the person who was attacked. Suddenly, he saw the man struggling. There was a lot of blood in the water."

Glazier Ademir Sebastiao was in the water with the victim when the attack took place

He told reporters: "As the beach has no bathroom, I went into the sea to pee. I was beside him with the water up to our waists."

Marcelo's friends brought the victim to shore where he fell to the ground unconscious.

It is not known what kind of shark attacked him, though experts say it was likely to have been either a bull shark ( Carcharhinus leucas ) or a tiger shark ( Galeocerdo cuvier ).

The scene of the incident is a known shark-attack hotspot, as it is open and unprotected by reefs. Shark attacks are also more common at this time of year as the rains make the sea murky.

It is believed that despite the various signs warning people not to enter the water, the lifeguard on duty did not tell the two men to get out of the sea as they were only up to their waists.

In the Brazilian state of Pernambuco, where Jaboatao dos Guararapes is located and which has around 187 kilometres (116 mi) of coast, there have been 62 shark attacks with 25 fatalities since 1992 when building works at Suape Port disrupted the animals' breeding and hunting habits.

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